Facebook Forgotten Password Solution

Facebook Password Forgot Problem and Solution

No company has ever helped as much as Facebook. There are many ways to get your Facebook password or not, there is still a way you will get your account.

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1- When you have forgotten your password, touch / click the section that says Forgot Password on facebook.com and Facebook Mobile or Facebook Lite. The system will guide you.

2- Try to login with the last password you remember! (Facebook is sensitive about security. Even the passwords you enter may be a statistic in the background.)

3- You already have a registered email address. (or Facebook can not open 🙂 That e-mail address is for recovering your account. Also for password renewal requests. Never forget him. Make a note of a place. and make a note of your PASSWORD e-mail account. (a place not accessible to everyone).

4- Be sure to register your phone number with Facebook system. Because you will receive a password renewal message on your phone and you will be able to access your account again in two clicks. Even if it is stolen, the fastest account recovery method is the phone. I know you’re worried about registering your number in the facebook.com database for your personal security. Facebook knows about your concern and you can be sure that there will be no circumstance that can be missed by hundreds of countries and international courts and NGOs. Of course, this decision is entirely yours. We will add new information about the password as we arrive 🙂

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1- Take Precaution: Make a note of your passwords. Paper or phone, etc …

2- There are methods that you should not lose or forget your password or make it easy to remember when you forget. For example, let your password be the name of your closest relatives: D So everyone should learn your password 🙂 Aside from the joke, but you will still use these names to remember why because passwords should be easy to remember. It shouldn’t be easy. There’s a difference!

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