Account Recovery and Deletion

We have prepared important information about social media account deletion and recovery:

Account Deletion Section

Closing your popular social accounts has never been easier. Go to the category below or search our site. When you find the account you want to delete, read the information and visit the account delete link at the bottom of the page. The social account deletion page you went to will open directly. Of course, you have to log in first for them to know it’s you. Read the information there carefully. Take your time. Then temporarily freeze your account if you wish. If you don’t need it after a while, permanently close your accounts.

Delete Account

Account Recovery Section

There may be times when you need to recover social media accounts. Usually when your account is stolen or you want to close it, you need to get it back. All these possibilities can be frustrating especially when you can no longer access the information, i.e. forget your password and username. And you will need some help to solve it easily. In general, we have prepared very detailed explanations about social account recovery for you. You can recover your accounts by following the pages, information and links we recommend. If you need help, feel free to write to us.

Recover Social Account

Social Account Help

Write to us if you need help with social media account recovery and deletion. You can see very detailed information and recommendations on the pre-prepared pages.

Social Account Help

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  1. My Facebook account got hacked and I can’t use my phone number or password to login

  2. Please delete my account, I forgot password and lost my phone.

  3. Hello dear facebook team

    Sir i have forgotten my facebook account password and the number from which facebook is created is also lost and my phone is also lost now when i try to recover account in new phone ‘we dont recognize your device’ this error comes . below I have given complete information along with my government detail, please give my new phone access to my account

  4. Can you please help me my Facebook account has been hacked by so called forex trader Simon and what he did he mislead people to invest to his scam as if it’s me

  5. Please intervene as fast as you can delete all my 3 Facebook accounts please under my name lost my phone so the person is busy with my accounts and I’m scared they will post all personal stuff that’s on my phone


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