Are You a Slave to Social Media?

Do social networks connect us to each other or to themselves? How many hours a day do you use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter? How many hours do you use social media per day?

“Tom uses social media 7 hours a day.”
Do you think it is normal for Tom to spend a day on social media? Answers may vary depending on the situation. If you are a social media person, this is normal because your business is social media. But if you’re not making money from social media, this time you spend could mean: Addiction!

Social Media Addiction

This negative situation caused by excessive social media use has now turned into a problem and you may have started to cut you from real life and you may be badly affected by it. This may have become an addiction. Now that we understand what the problem is, we can move on to a solution.

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Social media, like many other things, affects your life when used in exaggeration. Come on, think about it and plan and implement social media without exaggerating it.

Subliminal messages

Nowadays, social media encourages you to do some things without you realizing it. Then it makes you addicted. Once you realize, you may have become a social media addict. You may have begun living your life to influence others. It’s normal for you to follow and enjoy people and learn from them. However, if you try to do this all day and every day, problems will arise. Also, that wouldn’t make any sense if you can’t make money out of it.

The people you follow earn money by using you on social media. They have used you and will always use you… Don’t use yourself. Enjoy. Don’t be a slave. Time is precious.

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