Are you a social slave?

Are you a social slave?

Right now we will answer this question. Together.

We know what slavery is. Sometimes we feel like slaves. Are we the slaves of social media? Yeah, or no. In this article we will try to help you to understand exactly how we are a slave if we are slave.

We will question how much we are connected to social networks. Are social networks tying us to each other, or are they just connecting to ourselves? You can get an idea in this article, but you will reach the final result by thinking for yourself.



First question: How many hours a day do you use Facebook?

Second question: How many hours a day do you use Instagram?

Question three: How many hours a day do you use Twitter?

Last question: How many hours do you use social media per day?

You can start by asking the last question?

“Tom uses social media for 7 hours a day.”

Don’t you think there’s an abnormality when Tom does it?

Yes there is.
Because if you don’t make money on social media, this time you spend means:


Now that we’ve identified the problem, we can now focus on the solution.

We have prepared other articles on this site for the solution.
You can reach more than one article by browsing the site. Obviously this site was established for this purpose. We want you to notice. Even if you live a life of 120 years in a lifetime, we want you to spend all your life beautiful.

Social media can also make your life meaningless when exaggerated like many other things. We’re guessing someone didn’t tell you. Or maybe they don’t care. But you’re wrong to neglect yourself. Let’s think about it and plan to use social media without much exaggeration. Make sure you have a happier life if you are careful and use less.

It is also helpful to do some research on addictions and refresh their own knowledge. What distinguishes people from sheep is not to think like sheep. The practical intelligence of sheep is limited. They can’t think of a lot of things at the same time. People connect between the past and the future, and they can choose the most logical way right now.

Without you realizing!

Today, social media encourages you to do things without you being aware of it. Then you get used to. You may have become addicted when you notice. You may have begun living your life to impress others. This doesn’t make any sense if you can’t make money. Social media make money using you. They used you all the time and will use again … Do not use yourself. Your time is precious you can already know it!

Enjoy your day. All your time is at your service. Live in pleasure. Live happy. You are precious. Your time is also valuable. Bye…

Şerif Çiçekdağ

Public relations graduate. Android and Website developer.

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  • 22 July 2019 at 09:20

    مدتهاست با همه تلاش زیاد نتونستم به کسی تفهیم کنم علت شکنجه شدنم فقط سواستفاده ضاربین بوده ومن بیگناه هستم اما با تمام زجرهام وصدای مرگبار صوت که مغزم تاچندین برابر متورم شده ودرانتهای سلامت فکری میباشم قبل از دیوانه شدن وشستشوی مغزی درخواست تلافی کردن روی بچه های فامیل های پول پرست را از مسولین باشرف دارم که انتظار میرود بعد از اطمینان حاصل کردن از صحت گفته های من وتایید شدن ان همه جرایم کاذب ایجاد شده وگرفتن حق وحقوق من اقدامات انسان دوستانه خود را از من یا روح سرگردانم دریغ مدارند
    باتشکر و
    If…… See to hell


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