Account Recovery and Deletion

We have prepared important information about social media account deletion and recovery: Account Deletion Section Closing your popular social accounts has never been easier. Go to the category below or search our site. When you find the account you want to delete, read the information and visit the account delete link at the bottom of … Read more

How Do I Close the Fake Instagram Opened in My Name?

How Can I Close a Fake Instagram Account Opened in My Name? Adıma Açılmış Sahte Instagram Hesabını Nasıl Kapatabilirim?

What would you do if fake accounts were opened in your name on social media and your photos were added? We explain the solution of this problem on a question that comes to us. Although this post is based on Instagram, the logic is similar. Whatever platform the fake account was opened on, the solution … Read more

Which Chat Application to Choose?

Which Chat Application to Choose?

Individuals now have difficulty making decisions even when installing a chat application. Privacy concern. The issue of how personal data is used. Concerns about the side effects of the information age are growing. While the features of an app are important, our privacy is more important. Privacy is starting to affect the requirements for new … Read more