Delete Me From The Internet

Delete Me From The Internet

Welcome to Delete Me From The Internet. If you have decided to delete your history from the Internet, you are in the right place. We will quickly explain the ways and reasons to delete your accounts. Why would anyone want to delete themselves from the Internet Here are a few reasons to take yourself offline. … Read more

Is Social Media a Disease?

Is social media disease?

Social media is not a disease, but there are some things that can make us perceive it as a disease. The first thing that comes to mind is probably the excessive use of social media. This alone can be considered sufficient. So what makes social media objectionable? If you have time, you can read tweets … Read more

Get rid of your Social Media

stop social media

If you are tired of social media,And if you need some silenceOr if you decide to live in a chalet,this article is for you. We have prepared interesting tactics that can help you get rid of social media. Social media dodging tactic Delete your social media accounts immediately! Our website helps you to get rid … Read more

Purpose of Social Media

purpose of social media

We are generally happy to be on social media. The main purpose of social media is to guide the world, increase global communication and of course advertising (ie money). Making money One ad is shown after every 3-4 news and story posts on Facebook and Instagram. Before watching a video on Youtube, you must watch … Read more

Losses of Social Media

losses of social media

Social media is very useful and it is very easy to get news about our friends. Even the perfect tool for the job. So can social media have harms? We thought about this and would like to share our thoughts with you. Let’s start with the damages of social media, which we put together in … Read more