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Bank + Phone- Easy to remember and hard to find for Social Accounts. Because you know the story of the password well, you can remember it easily. Others can’t find it easily because they don’t know the story of the password. Let’s create a Super Password.

A super password is both easy to remember and almost impossible to find. Because it is created from the top of your imagination. Even machines have a hard time finding the supercode with probabilities. Because the links between information are completely personal. Let’s give an example to better understand the super password.

Example Super Password

For example, my name is Ahmet Bulan. using my own name,
ahmetbulan, AHMETBULAN, I cannot because this simple password can be found and retrieved very easily. Your account can even be abused. Attention!

Suggestion: If you make 1000AhmETBULan, it will have a story. And think about 5 minutes without creating a password. In fact, 1 minute is enough, but it is difficult to decipher when you think deeply about the quality password. And the more time you think about it, the more it takes up in your mind and thus it becomes easily memorable. And it can be remembered immediately.

Let’s tell the story of the 1000AhmETBULan password.

1000Ahmet mean:
The same voice as “1000” in Turkish and “Bin” in Arabic has different meanings. It means thousand in Arabic, son. Ahmet bin means Ahmed’s sons in Arabic.

ETBUL means to find meat in Turkish. And the moment is to commemorate.

And “an” is the person who does that job.

When you combine them all, (1000AhmETBULan) the sons of Ahmet come to mind, who find meat for people.

I’m sure many of you will remember this example more or less when the subject of password story and password creation comes up long after reading this article.

Create your own password story!

Your story will be completely unique and beautiful.

Unlike the story, there are small capital letters and numbers in the super password. You can add things like ” * – + / ‘ and decorate your story.

To help you with the password examples stories below, we have also created a personalized password at your service (if you don’t mind)





Examples are reproducible and completely personalized.

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