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Social Media Delete App 📲

Find your account and just delete it. Delete facebook account. Delete instagram account or delete twitter account.

To delete your social accounts together. You can delete one by one. Links and explanations will help you.

This application contains more than 50+ social media accounts. There are description screens in the application.


Read an account before deleting it completely.

Think well before you even delete it completely. Some accounts can never be undone after they are deleted. Once you are sure, you can delete your accounts.

The benefit of this application:

It is for you to create and save time. Each time you delete a social account, you and your loved ones will stay. 😇


Delete Instagram

instagram account freezing or instagram shutdown process briefly explain how instagram is turned off and show instagram account shut down steps. I even have a link for those who forgot my instagram password.

Delete Twitter

Twitter ice cream and twitter can do the closure operations briefly for twitter deletion ready for special connection.

Delete Facebook

Firstly, we direct you to the facebook login screen and from there we offer facebook close information. facebook account deletion before you wish you can make facebook ice cream in advance. It is possible to delete face quickly with facebook account delete link 🙂

In addition, similar operations can be performed for other platforms.


It is also possible to delete the swarm account and delete more accounts.

Important note:
Some accounts cannot be deleted completely. What can be done within the application is written. You will be redirected quickly by pressing the red button and deleting the associated account. This app is your social accounts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Whatsapp, Swarm, Smule, Skype, Google, Gmail etc… Speed up your accounts.

Delete Account Android App

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