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Helps you easily delete social accounts on Android phones. If you wish, you can try the application right away by going to the download section below. With this application, it becomes practical to delete social accounts. You can delete an account in a very short time. You just need to login to the relevant site. The link takes you to the delete section.

Delete Account - Recover or Delete Social Media Accounts: Sosyal Medya Hesaplarının Silinmesi ve Kurtarılması :
Delete Account

We support you to get rid of the harmful effects of social accounts. Explanations are waiting for you in the application. If you need help, come to this site ( and ask. You can also ask from within the application. You can write at any time in the comments field below. We read and try to respond to comments.

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You can add new account deletion requests in the comment fields. Add Here

Application usage

Visit the Usage section to see general information about application usage.


Social Account Remover app download: You can download the application for free from the Play Store. Download Delete App

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  1. Удалите пожалуйста мой старый аккаунт

  2. please delete my account actually I am forget my password

    • Pls visit this category for more delete accounts:


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    • Don’t care for it.

    • Porcuer tinha muita conta e eo não conseguia encontra a minha conta porcuer eo deletei todas depois eo Faso outra ok

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