10 thoughts on “Delete Facebook Messenger Account”

  1. I’m Sri Lanka now I’m working from Qatar

  2. Akun sya di heck orang sya mohon bantuan nya agar akun sya bisa segerah di pulikan

  3. My facebook as not being working if i try to log in with my sim card less use other person sim

    • Hi Terzungwe. First add an email account to your Facebook account. (First) If you had another email account before, create another one and add it. Then remove your phone number from your facebook account. Then define (add) again. Then add other account opening and security steps. Like trusted contacts … If the problem persists after following these steps, please write here. And please look this Recover Facebook Account

    • My sim card not working 076*** I’m using new sim I’m out off cantry I’m using new sim

  4. Hi, please let me know if you have a link that doesn't work. Or you can add a working link.
    It can be useful for other visitors until we fix the links.
    Thank you 🙂


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