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    • Hello, try to login to Youtube app or website with your Gmail account. If your password is incorrect, go to the place where it says “I forgot my password”. You will be presented with password recovery options. Try all the options one by one. It is not possible to delete your channel without logging into your Youtube channel.

      * Important note: Deleting your corresponding gmail account will also delete your channel. It even deletes all channels linked to your account. Because a gmail account is required for each Youtube channel. Your account works with your e-mail account.

      * Please consider other solutions before deleting an account. deleted accounts cannot be recovered. Deleting a Gmail Account and Deleting a Youtube Account

  1. Mera purana email account amri***@gmail.com ye vala chalu kar dijiye

  2. Garena bị liên kiêt facebook người lạ

    • Obrigado

  3. Hi, please let me know if you have a link that doesn't work. Or you can add a working link.
    It can be useful for other visitors until we fix the links. Thank you 🙂


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