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Welcome to Delete Me From The Internet. If you have decided to delete your history from the Internet, you are in the right place. We will quickly explain the ways and reasons to delete your accounts. Why would anyone want to delete themselves from the Internet

Here are a few reasons to take yourself offline.

A jealous lover.
I don’t want to be around for a while.
Your life is open to the public and you are uncomfortable with it.
Stop using Social media anymore
Your information is publicly disclosed.
Other reasons.

A jealous lover

This is a very personal reason, but it really happens. There may be some disagreement with the person you are with, especially if you are a little popular on social media. If you know this person is jealous and you don’t want to lose it, you might prefer to appear less on social media. I’m not saying do this. I just say that the wishes of the people who love us are important.

Not wanting to be around for a while

If you need to take a break because of problems in your work or private life, do the following. Make your social media accounts passive. Then you can disappear. When everything is fine, reactivate your accounts to return and continue where you left off. In temporary situations, do not delete anything, just suspend and freeze. Some deleted accounts cannot be recovered!

Your life is public and you are uncomfortable with it!

The lives of celebrities are quite distinct. They share what they eat and drink in public. They constantly make an effort to do something for their followers and they really like to do it. There may be those who are tired of this lifestyle. You don’t even need to be a celebrity, you might be tired of being in the spotlight. It may be time to step aside a little and reinvent yourself. Or you are tired of an overactive life. Although the reasons are different, you may want to stay away from social media and this is your most natural right.

Stop using Social media anymore

Social media is nice but boring at some point. Checking notifications every day, responding to comments and liking hundreds of things… What happens when this happens every day? When a person does the same thing every day, he unwittingly consumes himself. However, it is necessary to learn, live and even taste different things every day, otherwise life will be very ordinary and boring. I deleted my Instagram account one day because I was tired of seeing too many coffee cups. I’d like to know what’s been the reason that’s made you close your account.

Disclosure of personal information to the public

Your private life always deserves respect. Nobody can give your e-mail address to anyone else without your permission. Imagine your phone number circulating on a social network. Imagine for a moment that you get dozens of phone calls and hundreds of messages every day from people you don’t know. This would be really annoying. The department in a marketing company where you don’t sell products. If your private life is exposed, your social accounts may be useful temporarily. One solution might be to change your phone and email information. After all, you have become bile phenomena if you didn’t want to. How many ways is to delete it from the internet.

There are surely other reasons to delete yourself from the Internet. You can add your own reasons to the comment.

There are several steps to erasing yourself from the internet. Internet won’t forget you easily! Internet is a structure with memory.

Deleting yourself from artificial intelligence machines

If you are famous enough, Apple Siri has saved you in its memory. This can be. Will your information be deleted from AI machines like Siri? You can review the Apple Privacy Policy to find out. Apple Privacy

Delete yourself from social networks

You can read and learn about Google Search Privacy Policy.

Facebook Privacy Policy and other networks’ policies.

You can ask them to delete your personal information. You should research and find out if Instagram and Twitter can delete your information on posts shared by others. As a first step, you need to look at the Privacy and terms pages of the social giants. If you cannot find satisfactory information, refer to the help pages. Describe your situation in detail and seek assistance.

Find out how far you’ve spread online

Obviously, before you erase you from the internet, you need to find out how common you are on the internet. Research which media agencies are working to find this out.

Let’s say there is a company doing research and it told you how common you are. You communicate with the places you spread out and try to erase yourself one by one. You can even build a team or sign up for a company and complete transactions faster. Now I thought, normally people spend to be famous.

Deleting your social media accounts will be a big step towards deleting your internet presence. Social media sites are the most eager to get you online. They try to make you visible and make money from you. Those who wonder how this happens can scan their names with the Google search engine. And he can see his name in the top 5 on this list. These sites are mostly social networks. You should start with social media.

Even deleting yourself from the Internet can be fun. For some of you this might be a little boring. Congratulations on managing to delete yourself from the internet.

What if you want to revert, that is, try to gain a foothold in the Internet? Then you should know that you have to crawl and grow like a baby.

Good luck to those who continue to grow and spread on the Internet. Goodbye to those who want to delete themselves from the internet.

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