Does Social Media Direct Us?

Does social media direct us?

Is Social Media Directing?
How does social media lead us?

Yes, it contains too many redirects.

It’s not hard to understand.



If you open instagram now, you will see an advertisement when you go below the 3rd story. Effective orientation.
The most obvious aspect of social media is advertising. He uses a lot to sell you things. As a result, interest-based advertising comes out and can help us reach the products and services we need in real life.


Social movements

Mobile applications increased. Video capture and sharing activities and messaging applications peaked. Most of us now use video-tracking applications other than YouTube. We’re talking about something a person says and does. It’s easy to watch a video from around the world. If something in this video is a phenomenon, it becomes a social current. Let him be sensible or ridiculous. This movement grows like an avalanche when celebrities join. Then we find ourselves watching these movements on TV.


Political and religious movements

Political ideas are flying in the air. The celebrities who changed their religion are at the top of the news. War, hunger, human rights abuses …
These news are as gratifying as the sad ones.
You come across news that is constantly being derived to guide your perception.

Alternative medicine and healthy life movements

We’re reading news about people who claim to have found the cure for cancer every day. At least a little bit like that in Turkey. Vegetables and fruit news that are good for cancer! .There is a lot of sharing that is believed to be good for cancer.
But the cancer doesn’t get any less. The most death cause in the world is still cancer!

It could also be advertising.
The most effective way to sell a product is to express its marginal benefit.
If a plant is good for cancer, how true can it be from a social media page?
It must be presented on the official site and indeed by researchers, with evidence and data.
Otherwise, this remains just so called pragmatic.

In summary, the currents are created and they are not always innocent! Never believe what you hear!


Other movements

Even though we do not fully understand it yet, we will witness the beneficial and particularly harmful movements created by social media.

What is good for cancer is: knowledge.

Close the window, doing a lot of wind.
Moving forward…

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