Facebook account recovery and recalled forgotten passwords

To recover the account immediately: Recover the stolen facebook.

The information on this page is focused on a clear and precise solution based on security and usability. If you add these better methods better than the following methods in the comments field below, we can write them down and be more helpful to people. Power comes from unity.

Forgot Password Problem and Solution

No company has been as helpful as Facebook. You can find many useful directions on the Facebook help page.

1- When you forget your password, tap / click facebook.com and Facebook Mobile or Facebook Lite app that reads Forgot Password. The system will guide you. Follow the steps. Enter the desired.

2- Try to login with the last password you definitely remember! (Facebook is sensitive to security. Even your newly entered passwords may be generating statistics in the background.)

3- You have a previously registered e-mail address.
(otherwise you cannot open Facebook 🙂
This e-mail address is for registering your facebook account.
It is also for password renewal requests.
Never forget. Write this down. And write your e-mail account PASSWORD.
(Keep out of reach of everyone.)

4- Be sure to save your phone number on the Facebook system. Because this is a necessary step for password reset messages.
So your phone will receive a password reset message. And you will return to your account.
The fastest method of recovering an account, even if it is stolen, is by phone login.
I know you are worried about saving your number in the facebook.com database for your personal security. Facebook also knows your concern and you can be sure it will go unnoticed by hundreds of countries, international courts and non-governmental organizations. Of course, this decision is entirely yours.

Password Reminder

1- Take Action: Make a note of your passwords. Paper or phone memory, etc.

2- There are some methods to avoid losing, forgetting or forgetting your password. For example, let your password be the name of your closest relatives (!) So that everyone knows your password. Joking aside…
Passwords should be easy to remember. However, it should not be easy to guess. There is a difference! See the next item.

3- Create Super Password. For Security I can’t access my account

Problem and Solution!

It has happened to me exactly four times before. My accounts were closed in two of them. It opened on the last two. Why does Facebook.com hide our account for security reasons? There could be many reasons for this. Let’s focus on the solution. Super Password for a broad narrative topic: Create Super Password!

1- To understand exactly what Facebook wants from us!

2- Do whatever you want.

3- Thinking about making a rational decision!

Let me explain that the case study will be understood more clearly. Facebook has restricted login to my account for security reasons. He asked me for a picture. Both of my real accounts have been closed because I sent them from old pictures the first two times. The next time I got my new selfie and sent it to them. I added a new image to the image confirmation field in the account entry. And within a few days my Facebook account was opened. After that day, I am using it without any problems.

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5 thoughts on “Facebook account recovery and recalled forgotten passwords

  • 29 January 2020 at 21:40

    Hallo bisakan fb saya dihapus lupa kata sandi dan no hpnya tidak aktif lagi..

    • 30 January 2020 at 22:00

      Halo, silakan tinjau artikel ini untuk proses kata sandi Facebook.

      Facebook forgatten password

  • 21 October 2019 at 04:31

    Mohon bantuannya, fb saya kenak hack orang? Email dan kata sandinya semua di ubah.. Dan di salah gunakan.. Apa bisa masih di hapus akun tanpa alamat email dan kata sandi

    • 21 October 2019 at 14:10

      Tolong bantu saya, apakah Facebook saya diserang oleh seseorang? Semua email dan kata sandi diubah … Dan digunakan secara tidak benar … Bisakah akun dihapus tanpa alamat email dan kata sandi?

      Halo, kami punya pos tentang ini. Tapi mari kita menulis di depan cara Anda akan mengikuti untuk memulihkan akun facebook Anda.
      Semua cara untuk memulihkan akun Anda ada di halaman Bantuan facebook. Tautan ini akan memberi Anda semua jawaban.


      Yang penting adalah bisa menggunakan tautan ini untuk keuntungan Anda. Kami memulihkan akun facebook curian dalam beberapa minggu terakhir. Kita bahagia Kami harap Anda akan mengikuti langkah-langkah ini untuk memulihkan akun Anda 🙂

      English :

      Please help me, has my Facebook been attacked by someone? All emails and passwords changed … And used incorrectly … Can an account be deleted without an email address and password?

      Hello, we had a post about this. But let’s write ahead the way you will follow to recover your facebook account.
      All ways to recover your account are on the facebook Help page. This link will give you all the answers.


      The important thing is to be able to use these links for your benefit. We recovered a stolen facebook account in recent weeks. We’re happy. We hope you will follow these steps to recover your account 🙂
      Have a good day.


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