141 thoughts on “Forgot Facebook Password! (Solution)”

  1. Hi someone changed my password and phone my account is been hacked pls help

  2. Hie someone change my number an password plz help

  3. Someone change the number I was using on my Facebook and change my password

  4. How to unlock my Facebook account if locked and I have forgotten the login details

  5. Hi guys pls help me I forgot my Facebook password username Rethabile molefe

  6. now I am in Malaysia. now I forget my password.plz help me it’s not work Nepalese number. what can I do?

    • Hi, just reset your password. Before you reset your password, you can review this article that may be useful to you:

      How to Find Old Facebook Accounts?

    • Help

      Abhay, your account has been locked
      We’ve seen unusual activity on your account. This may mean that someone has used your account without your knowledge.

      Account locked on September 28, 2022
      To protect you, your profile is not visible to people on Facebook and you can’t use your account.
      We’ll take you through some steps to unlock your account.

    • Hello sir.. sir i forgot my facebook password Facebook OTP is not coming to my number .i ask you guys for help help me a little please you guys will be very grateful my username is 0589*** ID name Asma Butt Butt

    • Hey , I need help there’s someone who hack my account and I forgot my password

  7. I can’t log in to my another facebook account by mistakes,
    i forgot the password and my mobile number i lost.☹️☹️ please help me
    Thank you


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