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Fast Delete Application is a social media account deletion application. To easily delete social accounts for Android devices, you can download this app from the download links at the bottom of this page. We’ve made it even easier to delete a social media account. We only provide account deletion links instead of explanations. It is possible to delete your accounts in a very short time. To do this, you need an internet-connected device and your username and password.

Add new account suggestion: You can add new account deletion requests in the comment fields.

Application usage: Visit the Usage section to see general information about application usage.

Social Account Remover app download: You can download the application for free from the Play Store. Download Fast Delete App

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    • You can delete your hello facebook messages from the app or website. This is very easy. If necessary, try getting help from someone.

      To delete a message in the Facebook Messenger app:

      Open the Facebook Messenger app. Open messages. Touch and hold a message and press the list of options that appear in the list that says delete or delete the message. The message will be deleted.
      * If you can move the messages to the archive, you can also move them to the archive. So they won’t be in your eyes. You can go to the archive and read the messages whenever you want. (If feature is possible)

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