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Fast Delete Social Media Accounts App

With this app you can easily delete your social network accounts.

You can easily access popular social accounts such as Facebook Twitter and Instagram and other social platform accounts and account deletion links. And you can delete your accounts if you wish …

This application is very fast. Because, one-click leads you directly to the related account deletion link page.

The steps are briefly as follows:

* To delete your account first, you must login to the relevant site.

(For example: log in to facebook).

Then the site or account you signed in will receive the necessary information from you and your account will be scheduled to be deleted.

* Some accounts cannot be deleted completely.

This is entirely due to the corresponding Web site.

You can only get support from this web page and contact us! Other sites and people can’t help you. They can only give information. So never give your passwords to anyone or even offer them.

Sign in with your own web browser:

* You can access your account by logging in with your own Web browser. This is the safest way.


We provide DeleteSelf, only the account deletion links. You cannot login from our web site and applications. There is no entry area. You can access links from your own web devices. Your account deletion links open through web browsers on your own devices. you log in and easily delete your accounts.

* You can report the non-functioning / obsolete / modified account deletions via Usually you can use the comment fields at the bottom of the page.

Fast Delete, the Quick Account Erase application, is designed to further increase the precious times in your life.

If so, you can send us your feedback from the “add” section in the app.

FAST Delete Android App

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