33 thoughts on “Get back the old Facebook account you couldn’t login to”

  1. Please help me to open my old account Facebook, please remove two factor authentication that’s why i can’t log in my account because they need generator code but how can i get code generator if my account ican’t log in please help me🙏🙏🙏thank you

  2. I need help!!! My Facebook account was hacked, they removed my phone number, my emails, and my recognized devices from my account…I need help getting back in my account!!

  3. Hi sir,
    Actually i have permeated deleted my old facebook account since 2009 i have been used but i forget to reactive withine 30 days.
    My facebook account fully deleted🥺.
    Can you help me if i need to pay, or do anything, i want my Facebook id back.pls can you help me??

    • Try logging into your old account. If you see any contact links, contact Facebook from there. Describe your situation.

      Your account is normally unrecoverable, but what we call an account is text and images. Only Facebook can completely delete or recover them. No one but Facebook can figure it out.

  4. Hello can you help me with getting back my account because it doesn’t show up the sms code sender….. It only shows email nd I forgot the password of Email

    • Hello, I think you have not added a phone number to your account.

      That’s why there is only the option to recover via email.

      Then you need to recover your Email account. You may have added a phone number or recovery email to your email address.

      Before starting to work on recovering your e-mail address, you can review the following article, which is prepared in detail on this subject:

      Social account recovery

  5. My Facebook account was hacked yesterday and they changed my password email and phone number
    My Facebook account is Stwalaluv BigShow Manana

  6. My name is Yolanda jamjam my Facebook account is locked 🔐 n I tried to epen it I didn’t get code I don’t know what to do now

  7. I need to your help please my Facebook account can’t open after I deactivated last week.. Please what can I do?

    • Hello, you can come back months later even if it is disabled on Facebook. Have you chosen to delete the account, which is an additional option on the same page? You still have 30 days of account recovery.

      If you are having trouble logging into Facebook. Visit the relevant page:
      I cannot log in to Facebook


      Our recommendations:
      Open the Facebook login screen. This will help if there is a problem with the password. Try account steps by phone and email here:

      Violation of Facebook community guidelines can cause problems. Also, an error may have occurred in the Facebook system.

      You can open blocked accounts:
      Faceboo Blocked – Get help for locked accounts!


  8. Hello.. I need to your help please my Facebook account can’t open after I deactivated last week.. What can I do please?


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