Get rid of your Social Media

How do you get rid of your social media accounts?

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In this article, we will explain how you can get rid of your social media accounts.

* The purpose of this page is to show you different thoughts.

If you’re bored with social media,
and if you need some silence,
or if you’ve decided to live in a chalet,

This article is for you.

The point in this article is to help you discover tactics that help you get rid of social media.

Social media tactics:

1. Delete your social accounts immediately!

To get rid of social media, our site will help you.

The purpose of our site;
* To produce articles to help you get rid of social media.
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There are also voluntary sites that want to help you like us. Please take advantage of them, too. Reason is superior to mind.
Please also add the sites and articles that you believe to be useful under this article as a comment. Force comes from unity.

2. Move away from situations and environments that cause you to use social accounts!

You have waged a war against the millennium that made it necessary for you to use a social account. Yeah, it’s not easy, but it’s not impossible.

You can believe that you should be in social media with the encouragement of your family and friends in your natural social environment. But you’re not obliged. Because, you use facebook or twitter or instagram without visiting them, you can easily maintain your relationship. Just believe it.

Review your minimum social media relationship with friends at school, at work. You don’t need to use dozens of sites and applications. Just maybe whatsapp might be enough.

Keep in mind that your time is very valuable. Time is money. Time cannot be taken back. With dozens of social sites and applications, please don’t waste your life by following others.


3. Do not stay on the phone and tablet or PC!

We can’t say that we’re hardly in the computer anymore. The tablet and phone are real time-consuming. Even the time trap is a device. Your phone consumes your time.
Pay close attention to the phone. Time flows like water and you are a social slave. (I exaggerated a little 🙂
Do not keep your phone within 1 meter of your phone unless it is necessary. More precisely, when you reach the phone, leave it as far away as you can. If you don’t have your phone at hand, you can’t use it too much. Going to pick up the phone is an exercise. Walking is good for health. Of course, do not torture yourself, organize this process in the sweetest and most conscious way. So you’re successful.


4. Feel the real social environment!

The real social environment is the communication with the real people. Talking to someone’s eyes. To hear someone’s voice. Avoid virtual chat environments as much as possible without them. After a while, those in the virtual world will keep up with you. You won’t lose anything from trying. And think about having fun while doing it.


Social media is not a nightmare. Or, on the contrary, if the social media is now accepted, it is time to wake up from this dream. Wake up and enjoy the real world.

Şerif Çiçekdağ

Public relations graduate. Android and Website developer.

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