How to Get Rid of Your Social Media?

If you are tired of social media,
And if you need some silence
Or if you decide to live in a chalet,
this article is for you. We have prepared interesting tactics that can help you get rid of social media.

Social media dodging tactic

Delete your social media accounts immediately!

Our website helps you to get rid of social media.

  • We produced articles to help you get out of social media.
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Eliminate the reasons that push you to use social media!

You have waged war on platforms that make it compulsory to use social media. Yes, it is not easy to win this war, but it is not completely impossible.

You may believe that you should be on social media with the encouragement of your natural social environment, family and friends. But wait, you don’t have to. Because, you can easily maintain your relationship by visiting them without using facebook or twitter or instagram.

Review your minimal social media relationship with your friends at school or work. You don’t need to use dozens of sites and applications. Maybe Whatsapp alone will be enough. There is also sms.

Remember, your time is precious. Time is cash. Time cannot be taken back. Do not waste your life by following others with dozens of social sites and applications!

Do not use a phone, tablet or PC unnecessarily!

Tablet and phone are true time-destructors. They trap you on the screen. Pay close attention to the phone. Time flows like water and you are a social slave. Attention, especially when spending time on Youtube!

Keep your phone away unless absolutely necessary. Do not keep it within 1 meter. More precisely, when you reach for the phone, leave it in a place so far that you cannot reach it. If your phone is not at hand, you cannot use it much! On the other hand, going to pick up the phone is also an exercise. Walking is good for health. Of course, do not torture yourself, organize this process in the sweetest and most conscious way. So you can be more successful in developing your attitude.

Discover the real social environment!

Real communication takes place with real environment and individuals and face to face. Talking by looking into someone’s eyes is true communication. It is important to breathe the same air. It is real to hear someone’s voice looking at her. Without these realities, life is lived in a low quality. Avoid virtual chat environments as much as possible. After a while, those in the virtual world will also keep up with you. You won’t lose anything from trying. Also consider that you will have fun doing this.

Social media is not a nightmare. Wake up and enjoy the non-virtual real world.

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  1. i was hacked and my FB is non existing now the hackers opened an account with my husbands picture and my photo and i want to close it but so far ive been unable to do so and my friends may be in trouble

  2. какдеактивировать ф.б.аккаунт

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