What are the Good Aspects of Social Life?

Good sides of asocial life

I know it doesn’t make any sense. Because almost everyone around you told me about the harms of being a nerdy. And while you are under the influence of these narratives, this title may have come down as negative. But no! The situation is much more. Just wait, please.

In this article: We discussed the known and unknown benefits of being an addict. With 11 items.

Good sides of asocial life

Note: Although these substances vary according to individual and society, basic human life was tried to be taken as basis. As far as we can…

1. Discover yourself exactly!

One day, if you’re so distracted, you’re gonna step aside. And you’re going to think deeply, and whatever the problem is, you’ll find a solution. And you do this alone. When you think of a new hobby, you think you are alone. You’re alone when you make a decision. Every decision in life is yours. You are an asocial moment when you discover yourself in your own world. Did you notice this?

A person’s complete discovery of his cat is about being lonely with himself. You’ll never succeed to be exactly your own in the time that someone is guided! For this reason, every individual who has not discovered himself / herself must explore the mold alone with his cat to find himself.

You must concentrate on each error in order to discover each successful aspect of your success and remain silent. In summary, you should create an asocial environment and stay there for a while. Or you need to stop at every need to create this environment.

We can compare this to the error in a program. You’re the program. To find the error, you should focus as much as possible on the error. The moment you focus and find the error is the moment you’re most nerdy.

2. You will have a quiet life!

Of course, being an Asocial person keeps thousands of troubles and sorrows away. When you do not turn on the TV, you cannot see traffic accidents and terrorist incidents. This is never brutal and insensitive. On the contrary, it is to suspend acceptance of bad events … He knows he cannot control the asocial world. But he does his best when necessary. Just like every normal person. The nerdy individual takes its place among the most peaceful people.

3. You become more knowledgeable and conscious and controlled!

The asocial closes in his house or he tackles the library and things that keep his mind busy. It doesn’t deal with nerdy people, but everything that interests people can be his subject. Preferences vary depending on the individual, but is a nerdy scholar. It uses the asymmetric knowledge and can raise the level of consciousness more than normal people. The asocial may have gained a more controlled structure than normal individuals. The asocial does not personalize events. It tends to use the information correctly. The asocial air does not behave and does not need it. The nerd knows that the air eventually goes out.

4. You know how strong you are.

Asocial is aware of all knowledge and power. The nerdy idiot doesn’t have the courage. But he lives by being aware of his freedom to act like a fool. General attitude is comfortable. Because he knows his power. His power is brain power. He never applies unless physical power is needed. That’s why the asocial lasts a long life. Less accidents. Because he won’t even go out unless it’s necessary. The asocial human being has adopted the most advanced feature of animals: moving without necessity. He usually makes a healthy decision. Exceptions do not break rules.

5. You will be peaceful when you do not follow the news!

Usually he doesn’t watch newsy. He reads with pleasure the scientific and cultural and artistic stories. but it doesn’t taste the teasing and gossip and collusion programs. He likes watching an asymmetric documentary. His most fantastic films attract his attention. While some assimilates love different types, generally the asocial individual monitors useful programs.

6. He is far away from the gossip and is happy!

The asocial doesn’t talk to other people. The nerd usually doesn’t talk to talk. The nerdy won’t dig anybody. He won’t break anybody. Nobody needs to make gossip. Because he reads so much, he makes very little human behavior. Gossip is an insult to the intelligence of an asocial. She likes nerdy people. It doesn’t create an environment for friction with them. In fact, it does not get into bad environments. And he cares very much about it. The nerdy person takes into account even after 50 years. The friend knows the value if any.

7. Makes great knowledge. It is cultured!

These individuals are multicultural, as described in previous subjects. He never uses his culture to crush someone else. He does not use the information he only shares. The asocial checks his ego with his knowledge. An ego has not been and will not be. Information is like an organ of his body. He doesn’t normally like to brag about anything. He never brags. Unless he’s joking.

8. No discrimination!

The asocial is not an egoist or someone who is overly trusting with what they have. He does not desire superiority. He believes that the real superiority is: to help other people and to protect the world.

9. He is respected!

The asocial respects all living things. And he respects every living nerdy person who knows the meaning of respect. This is not a mutual situation. This is a universe rule about getting what you deserve.

10. Your neighbors love you.

People are generally loved because they are quiet individuals. The other people are disturbed. Asymptomatic individuals are mostly empathic people. Asocial people are native to the world. They know the world better than all of us. It’s the best they know of what sound means in the world.
They are almost fully compatible with the environment.

11. The loneliness that everyone escapes will be your comfort zone!

The loneliness is the real paradise for an asocial individual.
The nightmare of billions of people is a need for solitude nerds. He can only find true peace when he is alone. Asocial is a quiet person. It always tastes peace. Loneliness is her biggest love. It’s when he goes to think, when he gets back on his own, his favorite time.
I tried to tell him to be asocial as much as we could. I hope it’s useful.

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