Google Chrome Saved Passwords

Google Chrome Saved Passwords

Hello, in this article, we consider one of the account recovery steps. We explain the issue of password storage and finding the stored password. We will talk about a tool to help you find a password. Welcome to Google Chrome Passwords. We used it and saw its benefit. It really works.

You can easily manage your passwords on Android, Iphone, Windows and Linux devices. The systems we counted necessarily have a Google Chrome web browser. Password storage service is also available in this web browser. You can save your passwords to Google and use them when you need them. You need to give permission to save your passwords. If you have given permission, Google will store your passwords. And it will be a great solution when you need it. We explained how to allow it in the rest of the article.


How Google Passwords work

You can quickly learn how Google Passwords work and how to save and find your passwords later in the article.


Google Chrome Menu

Open your Google Chrome web browser. Press the menu and go to Settings

google chrome-menu

Google Chrome Settings

Find Passwords in the Settings menu. Enter Passwords.

google chrome-menu settings
google chrome-menu settings

Google Chrome Passwords

Passwords are listed down the page. If you have saved passwords before, they appear as a list. If the list is empty, your passwords have not been saved before. Our suggestion is to save your passwords.

google chrome-menu settings passwords
google chrome-menu settings passwords

Saving Google Passwords

Activating Google Passwords:

Just choose the Save Passwords section in the screenshot above. After that, when logging into sites with your web browser, Save Password? Say YES and confirm. So when you log in to that site again, the Google Chrome web browser can suggest your passwords.



Log in to the site from the Google Chrome web browser. So the browser asks for your permission to store your password. Let me. Your password is now saved. You no longer need to remember your password when you log in to from your Chrome web or mobile browser. Choose the suggested password. Sign in. That is all.


Find Google Chrome Password

Your passwords are safely stored on Google servers. When you need it, log into the Chrome browser from the closest device.

You will be prompted to log in with your Google account.


To find your password:


It’s that easy.


This link is the official Google Passwords page.



Those who used Google Passwords before are lucky. Because we logged our passwords when logging into any website or application. We can use these stored passwords whenever we need them. Recovering passwords can sometimes be impossible. Try to have less problems with password.

* We have prepared this article to support our users who have problems in their account recovery steps. We hope you will have no problem finding your passwords anymore. Save your passwords to your Google account, relax. If there are alternative methods and structures, use them as well. Don’t waste your time remembering and finding passwords.

We wish you happy days.


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