You may need assistance with social media account transactions. Ask if you are not helping. We or the other we can answer you. Describe the issue in detail* in the comment field. We’ve also included a list below to help you deliver answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Social Account Solutions

I forgot my password!

I forgot my e-mail address!

My phone number has changed, I can’t find it.

My account is hacked

I forgot my Facebook password! Facebook Help

I forgot my Instagram password! Instagram Help

I do not remember my password! Password Reminder Tactics

They broke my password and stole my account! Create Super Password

Request Help

Write down the problem you are experiencing, let us investigate and find a solution for you. Everyone can answer. Let’s add the answer we found to the field you asked in the comment. If there is a solution to the problem, we will definitely write an answer. You may have to wait a while to get an answer. Try searching the site to search for previously asked topics. This makes your job easier. For emergencies, refer to the Help page of the relevant site or application. If you cannot find an answer on the relevant site, write to Google to search for the problem. If available, seek advice from someone knowledgeable and familiar with social media.


* Please do not add your phone and e-mail address or social username and do not share your private information with anyone. All comments are posted after checking.

Delete Account • SosyalHesapSil
Delete Account • SosyalHesapSil

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