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If you need help with social media account operations, you can ask us. We’ve included a list to help you quickly find answers to the most frequently asked questions. Need account deletion or account recovery? Add a detailed description of the problem without adding your personal information in the comment field. We or other users may respond to you.

Social Account Help

In this area, you can find social media account recovery, password operations and support topics.

Account recovery

Facebook Account recovery

Instagram account recovery

My Facebook account is hacked

I forgot my password!

I forgot my e-mail address!

Delete social media accounts

My phone number has changed, I can’t find it.

I forgot my Facebook password! Facebook Help

I forgot my Instagram password! Instagram Help

I do not remember my password! Password reminder tactics

“They broke my password and stole my account” Create Super Password

Ask for Help and Solve the Problem

Write about the problem you are experiencing and we will try to research and find a solution for you. Other users can reply. Let’s add the answer we found to the field you asked in the comment. If there is a solution to the problem, we will definitely write an answer. You may have to wait a while to get an answer. Try searching our site to search for previously asked topics.

If you cannot find an answer on the relevant site, search for the problem by typing into Google. Someone might have had the same issue before.

If your account is hacked, never seek help from people you don’t know. Do not give out your personal information and passwords. So the situation can be resolved before it gets worse. Be patient and careful. Ask a question Sites like ours are there to help you.

Sometimes the problem is temporary and take care of other things for a while. If possible, seek advice from someone knowledgeable and familiar with social media.

For emergencies, be sure to visit the help page of the relevant site or application. The support team is ready to assist you.

As we are focused on the subject, we strictly monitor external information and messages. Please do not include your personal (Phone number and email) information in the comments.

We thank you.

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    • If they are using your e-mail address, you must report them to the e-mail service. Services like Google and Microsoft take stolen email accounts seriously. If you report the situation to them, they will happily support.

      In addition, you should take your device security more seriously and not share your passwords and personal information, even with people you know.

      Our service is based on giving suggestions. We are happy to dedicate our time to you. Please feel free to write if you need help. We wish you a nice day.

      How to Recover Hacked Account?

  1. I have been hacked my name is Arthur *** my email address is ***@* someone has hacked me and they have changed my email address and password I want this fixed as soon as possible. they have been contacting my family and friends as well as my Facebook friends and have hacked my visa card as well 🙃


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