How Do I Close the Fake Instagram Opened in My Name?

What would you do if fake accounts were opened in your name on social media and your photos were added? We explain the solution of this problem on a question that comes to us. Although this post is based on Instagram, the logic is similar.

Whatever platform the fake account was opened on, the solution is there. Follow the steps below to close an account on Instagram:

Fake Instagram Account Opened in My Name! How can I turn it off?

  • Visit the fake profile first.
  • Press Menu in the upper right corner (three dots).
  • After tap on ‘Report‘,
  • Report Account
  • Imitating someone else
  • Me (*use only yourself)

Then tap the Submit Report button. Instagram does the rest.

If you want others to report this account, have them tick “Someone I know” when reporting this fake account. So it shouldn’t mark “Me” part! This may seem simple, but it can complicate the problem even more!

If you don’t get results, repeat the process. If you still do not get a result, ask your friends for help. You can ask them to report the fake account opened in your name. So Instagram can take you much more seriously.

If you have an improvement or suggestion on this subject or if you have additional information, please feel free to add it to the comment.

14 thoughts on “How Do I Close the Fake Instagram Opened in My Name?”

  1. Hey guys can i please get your help my instagram account is being hecked Tuesday night. Can you please close it accoun is benefit makume

  2. Sne*** fake instagaram account without parmission use other person plz help sir delete this account

  3. Este meu Instagram foi bloqueado não sei o qual o motivo foi e eu quero pagar esta e outras contas que eu tenho no Instagram

  4. My Instagram account old all pramnatly delete

  5. Gentlemen, I’ve put my account there and you’ve put it there for no reason. I ask you to take a look at it and return my account to it

  6. My Instagram account and my Facebook account hacked I request you to plz my account recovery

  7. account
    someone reportes Me As a spammer wrongly And i found an unfair limitation on my account

    Would you please fix problem
    My UserName:golha_***

    • You can figure this out. I experienced a similar situation on an Instagram account. I objected and my account was opened. You must have the right to object to the warning you have received. Use it. Or contact them on the Instagram help page and explain the situation in detail.

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