How Do Social Media Sell Us?

How do social media sell you?

Today there are things that are free in the world. These are what nature has given us. Unfortunately, the services offered by any state are not free. Everything your family offers is free. What your friends do for you is usually free of charge.

Social Media is also free!

The last sentence above is related to this.


Why is Social Media Free?

Because people don’t want to pay to enter a site.
You will not enter the site. This website is useless. The company cannot sell its products. It would be a mistake for the social media company. So we understand that social media must be free.


Is the media completely free?

Technically it seems completely free. Advertisements! For every ad you watch, companies earn money … So, social media is not completely free. The fee has no direct connection to the end user. The fee has an indirect link. It has a very strong bond. Pay attention to the ads you’ve watched and clicked. Social media can stay alive with these ads!

We have also explained in previous articles. We’ve explained the ads. As long as the ads are low, no problem. We’ll continue to see ads for free social media use.

For example in instagram currently:


After every 3 stories or news we see 1 ad.

This is just an example. And it is completely real. You can turn it on and on. Maybe you just read this article, go to instagram, test it, make them money. 🙂

Facebook is a must-have social giant!
Thanks to Facebook ads, the company remains alive. What do they do to see these ads?


Facebook notifications!

Yes notifications! These notices are so high … You can get notifications on almost anything. You’re entering facebook to respond to these notifications. That’s perfectly normal. Then let’s see what’s on the news. You’re entering the wall. Then the ads!
Here is one reason why facebook is such a large site to keep you on site. Attract to the site. Every moment you’re there, it’s very valuable for them. The other aspect of these moments is money. The other side of the coin.

Facebook and instagram are two valuable social networks. We respect the work they do, of course.

We just want to give you information. The efforts of people working in social networking companies are valuable. They support us to establish a global bond. We respect.

We are happy to clarify this issue. See you on other articles. Goodbye 🙂

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