28 thoughts on “How to Find Old Facebook Accounts?”

  1. I can’t retrieve my facebook reason being that it sends the verification code to the old number that i no longer have access to and i didn’t register my email address.

  2. I don’t know what I did , but a few days ago my Facebook changed back to the old one now I can’t find either one.the app has disappeared right off the phone.what should I do? Help me please I:m very frustrated with the whole thing now , please make it as simple as u can.

    • Hello, as far as I understand the Facebook application does not appear on your device.

      There may be a system issue with this phone. Restart your device. Clear memory. Temporarily disable any security apps. (Enable it again later.) If your device is an old model, see if Facebook has withdrawn its support. Check the app store example Play Store Facebook page. See if there is an Android version from the supported Android version lists. (Settings/About phone/Version)

      Try the Facebook Lite version.

      Maybe it’s just that your Facebook account is having a problem. To understand this, try logging into Facebook with a computer.

      If the problem persists, write to us. We can help. Good day.

  3. Ive been trying to log into my account treating the new account and its say “you wiil soon receive two -Factors authorification requried” but i havent, i no longer using the email i only using this number

    Thank you

  4. Hey guys these a beautiful stuff.

    Anyway I have deleted my Facebook account some 90 days ago and I really want to retrieve again. Please assist me retrieve my deleted account as I have some vital information to get from my deleted account. Will pay if charges applies. Please really needing assistance and guidance on how to recover my deleted Facebook account.

    • Hello, Facebook should have announced that it will delete your account after 30 days. After this period, they will delete your account completely. If recovery is still possible, only Facebook can do it.

      That’s why you need to contact Facebook without wasting time. Global websites like Facebook may have to store information for longer periods of time. There may be a legal aspect to this. Or other reasons.

      If it were possible to recover a Facebook account deleted months ago:

      1. Login to your deleted Facebook account. It would be great to be able to log in from the old account to make the transactions go fast. Because what you are talking about is clear, only how you do it remains.

      2. Unable to communicate via old account.

      3. We know that the important thing in the last step is to report the situation to Facebook. To access Facebook somehow, we need to find a door from the Facebook Help page.

      Here is the finished article where we previously detailed how the Facebook Help page works and how we found a working way to recover an account:

      Facebook account recovery

  5. Hi guys I can’t log in to my Facebook account it has been hacked and the hacker changed my email address my password and my phone number


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