Is Social Media a Disease?

Social media is not a disease

But there are some things that can make us perceive it as a disease. The first thing that comes to mind is probably the excessive use of social media. This alone can be considered sufficient. So what makes social media objectionable? If you have time, you can read tweets all day or follow your friends on Instagram.

Even if you are on social media all day, only a few people will warn you about this excessive use, maybe not! If you are working, your boss will not like it. Because you disrupt your work, even if you do not disrupt your social media, your superiors or your boss will not be happy with this situation. Of course, this situation varies according to countries and companies. If you are at home, your parents or spouse or even your sibling will not like you to be constantly on social media. Especially if you have a task to do.

Excessive use of social media

Social media is a tool. Making it a goal can be dangerous. Danger means breaking away from the world. Separation from family and friends. If your inability to focus enough on the job becomes another economic problem, it affects your mental state and ultimately can affect your bilateral relations.

Social media can be compared to a prison.

Remember, you are not convicted. You are free. Is there any point in being a volunteer slave? You need to realize now. Are you a social media prisoner? Ask this question in the mirror once in your life… As long as you use social media effectively, you are neither convicted nor addicted. You use it, it is not you. Show who the boss is to Social Media at every opportunity. Pay close attention to the social trends that grab you. Social currents are the most delicious poison trapping social media. Be careful!

Delete your social accounts and be free now!

Nobody cares how much time you spend on social media. We care. Because I could have been reading this post today, my friend. Your place on social media gives you meaning. Do not lose yourself when you say let me raise this meaning even more. Be aware of your freedom. Give yourself plenty of time. Eat and travel and have fun. This life is entirely at your disposal. You’re the boss. If you wish, you can delete your accounts. If you wish, you can open it again. It’s under your control. You can use this well.

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