Is Social Media Harmful to Children?

Social media has a power and has the power to change people’s lives when it is not controlled. Children are affected more quickly than adults. That’s why we need to be careful with children who use social media.

Unlimited power is not power.

For example, what happens if you take a funny video of your child and post it on Youtube? Some of them will definitely like it and have fun. But some people may abuse it and make fun of your child. The child may be adversely affected by these events. It is possible to encounter such undesirable events, albeit a little. You can have funny moments in the family and you can record it on video, which is quite natural. But consider this before posting it publicly.

If the video you shot for your lover falls on social media, it is possible that you will experience very unpleasant events. Not only you but also your family will be affected. Social media is great for entertainment, but still be careful.

Social media is a tool for accessing information, but it is not an entirely appropriate resource. Social media can never replace a library. Your child can improve himself by taking lessons on YouTube, but you have to question the competence of the person teaching on YouTube.

While you want to watch the video tutorial, other unwanted things may be imposed. You may need to be an expert to understand these. Watch out for training videos! Racism can be made in a training video. It may not be possible for the child to understand this bad behavior. Or, there may be a redirect on an educational site that will cause undesirable behavior. It may even be a site that looks like a training site. What percentage of the content on the site is suitable for teaching?

In summary, children should get the right education. He can take this training from places that are under control. School, course, library, authorized and expert persons. From teachers and family…

In summary, you need to know social media well to protect children from the bad effects of social media. For this you need to research. You need to find out which sites and applications work well. If your child is studying on a website, you need to search that site on the Google search engine and collect information. You can also get information from some authorized government agencies. Check the websites of Education ministries in your country or other countries. Some universities also have useful research.

In order for the next generation to live a good life, they must use their power well. Children cannot do this alone. We have to help them in the right way. Thus, the new generation can live a better life.

Let’s not take the kids out of social media. Let’s remove those who are not suitable for children on social media and there will be no problem.

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