417 thoughts on “How to Recover Hacked Account?”

  1. My Facebook was hacked in 2021 and I really can’t access it

  2. Please someone have changed my Facebook account email and I can access to my Facebook account again please I need help

  3. My Facebook is hacked and I can’t get access

  4. My facebook have being hacked i cant get access to my facebook password nd email

  5. Hey I did enter a competion so I did get I pin that I must give is there where my account was hacked can you please help me by getting my old account back please and the person that is using the account is putting adds on marketplace on my behalf

  6. I have lost my Facebook account Thokozani Chiotcha one day ago please help me

  7. My account was hacked I can’t get access to my email address password

  8. Hi,

    I lost my Facebook page admin role for 1 month. As I was the only admin of the page, the page is now no one control. I contact Facebook support and open a case but they ignore it. The case now is shown ” In progress” but in fact I still can’t get back my admin role.

    What can I do? I lost control to my page for 1 month, I feel helpless and upset.

    • It is easy to give up in similar situations. I advise you to persist further and be patient to find a solution to the problem.

      You can also consider alternative options.

  9. I have been hacked over a month ago
    I have new password everything is fine but when I want to get in they asked for a verification code . I can’t get one which App must I use to get the right one my once not working. I need urgently to get back into my account. I send emails to security Facebook no answer please help 😭😭😭😭😭 most of my Apps are related to Facebook can’t use. Also family 5000 friends and 70 House of Fun friends 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🇩🇪🇿🇦

    • Hello, you need to recover your Facebook account.

      # You can recover your Facebook account only from Official Facebook website and official Facebook mobile apps.

      # No one other than Facebook can recover your account.

      We have gathered all the steps to recover Facebook account in one page. In particular, you can review the account recovery section by sending an ID.

      And more information:
      Social Account Recovery

  10. Please can someone help me to recover My Facebook account,I don’t get the code,I only have til the 13th December to unblock my account. Please I need help

  11. You keep sending people to the same link. However, if you actually checked you would see that when people follow all the prompts and do everything right, all they get is a message that says: “due to COVID-19 We don’t have enough staff to review…..” etc. There is simply no way to recover an account once their bots deem you unworthy. Move on.

    • We keep sending people to the same link because only the company at the link can fix the problem. “We don’t have enough staff to review due to COVID-19…” That’s a problem. Companies should hire staff. The covid-excuse should subside.

      • Bots exist to make people’s work easier. And yes, while shopping for groceries recently, the bots couldn’t solve any problems and just listened. Bots understand what is written, but not problems. For now.

      *Resolving the problem requires additional effort. And it would be helpful to renew your request. I’m not sure some companies automatically reject initial requests.

      In other words, the people who are expected to support you in solving your own problem may be trying to get rid of you. So try again and again until the problem is solved.

    • I want my account to come back n change password

  12. Plzz sir I can log my account plzzz help me sir

  13. I want my account to come back and change password


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