Password Remember Tactics

It is natural to lose or forget a password. Not being able to find it when necessary creates some stress. You can overcome this problem with these simple password reminder tactics.

Preparing to find passwords

1- Silence

Enter a quiet room, concentrate to get rid of all sounds and thoughts. About 5-10 minutes. When the urge to remember begins to emerge, you’re ready.

2- Return to that moment

Now think about why you opened the account for the password you are trying to remember. Because we have to go to that date. We’re swimming in our memory to go to the library in your head and find that book on the shelves. Who was with you? Was it winter? Why did you open this account? What did he do for you? We try to focus the mind with questions. We take the memory to that moment and recreate it.

3- Water and food

Drink water an hour before remembering. Water carries oxygen to every cell and is good for memory. If you are hungry, do not consume intense foods such as sugar and bread that will raise blood sugar. Don’t drink things that bring sleep either. Do not drink coffee or tea either. Eat something light. Since it will be difficult to focus when you are hungry and thirsty, practice a few hours after eating. These interfere with your mind control.

The above tactics were in preparation. Complete the above before doing the following. (suggested)

Password finding tactics

  1. Type passwords to find forgotten passwords.
  2. Cross out any wrong passwords you tried to access the website.
  3. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. Don’t skip this one!
  4. If you are logged in with Facebook, try logging in to facebook.
  5. If your phone number is registered in the system, try resetting the password over the phone.
  6. Write down all the passwords you remember and try.
    for. Maybe you opened the account with someone when opening it. Try to remember with that person.
  7. Try Try Try …
  8. Seek help from the relevant website. Fill out the form on the help page or explain the situation to them in detail by e-mail. Call their phone if available. People usually skip the step to reach the relevant site, but don’t skip it.

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  1. hy, its now 2days dt wen l type my phone number [078***] someone else account[weng ….] pops out of d blue & wen l type d passward l hav been using , am told d password z incorrect , help me?

    • You need to reset your password. Complete the necessary ones in this process, your site will be renewed. After your password is renewed, you can make the changes you want to make about your account. Important note: If you have multiple accounts, check to make sure you’re logged into the correct account. Link your phone number to your account for easier account and password transactions. Also, if you have a second email account, define it as your account Recovery backup email account.

  2. Please help me to get my old Facebook email.. I want to access my Facebook account


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