Password Remember Tactics

Password Remember Tactics

Losing and forgetting passwords is a natural action. Not being able to find it when it’s needed makes some stress. That’s natural. Hey, relax, dude hey

Preparing to find the password

1- Enter a calm environment, concentrate to get rid of all the sounds and thoughts. About 1-5 minutes.

2- Now, think about why you opened the account. Because we need to go to that date. We go to the library and find that book in the shelves, swimming in our memory. Who was with you? Was it winter? What did I open it for? With a mind-whipping questions like an energy a titer and come to life. .. we create the event.

3. An hour before recall just for water. If you are hungry do not eat sugar bread bulgur and rice. Never drink coffee and tea as well. They take control. Water carries oxygen to every cell and is good for memory. The above tactics are preliminary. The following will be done after the above. This is the recipe 😇


Password finding tactics

a. To find forgotten passwords, make a note of your passwords.

b. Cross over what you’ve tried when entering the website.

c. Do not jump until the first thing you can think of.

D. Try it with Facebook and Phone number if available.

D. Try all of the password recall steps.

Maybe you opened it with someone. Find him and ask him.

f. Try.

g. Ask for help from the relevant website. Fill out the form on the help page or tell them in detail by email. People usually skip this step. However, this is a petition. Asking for help from a knowledgeable person.


That is all. We created this article for the benefit of humanity. If you have suggestions, please add to the comments field.

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