What is the Main Purpose of Social Media?

We are generally happy to be on social media. The main purpose of social media is to guide the world, increase global communication and of course advertising (ie money).

Making money

One ad is shown after every 3-4 news and story posts on Facebook and Instagram. Before watching a video on Youtube, you must watch 2 (two) ads. You may not have noticed. In social media, these ads are getting more and more. I don’t think it’s harmful, but it’s not very useful either. On the other hand, if we want Facebook or Youtube to continue broadcasting, it means that the ads will continue. We will continue the topic of ads later.

Social media is also a website and the main purpose of websites is to make money. Thus, they can get the opportunity to access and share more information.

Increasing global communication

Before Facebook, there were applications and websites that brought people together. Like Windows Live Messenger and Skype.
As these structures evolved and new ones were added, they transformed the world into a more global communication network. This includes email services. Communication by e-mail after the letter was very popular for a period. Nowadays, emails are used for business or a project or corporate applications and feedback.
After Facebook, the world has gained a new kind of global communication. Global communication has many benefits as well as some harms.

Giving direction to the world

Currents! The world can be shaken by a video taken from a mobile application and broadcast. Videos like “Harlem Shake” and so on are fun. You can even go on a fun sharing spree on the other side of the world.
Is social media, which produces great results when used for entertainment, also used for other purposes?
If you want to steer the world, the easiest place to do this is Social media, not TV channels. It is very easy to advertise for $ 1. If you shoot a video and advertise it, who knows, you will be the person who guides the world.


Social media makes money by advertising. Because they have no products to sell. But since it is a highly visited realm, it is a suitable area for producers to sell their products.

Social media even earns you money. Ads serve both sides. If you have a Youtube channel and you are constantly producing content and it is liked, you can earn money from ads. Both YouTube win and you win. Viewers watch the videos you shoot so they can have fun or learn new things. They are also profitable. Thus, all three parties are happy… As long as it does not go too far, a reasonable level of advertisement will be accepted.