Purpose of Social Media

Purpose of Social Media

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In this article, we will explain why social media is established and what its aims are.
Our goal as our page is to show you different aspects.
We’re all happy to be on social media. And we sincerely
Thank those who produce this site and applications. And we’ve come to the main issue …
In this article, we want to focus on social media. What is the purpose of social media?

Objectives of Social Media:

1. Make money!

At the top of the ranking you have to earn money absolutely and humbly. On Facebook and Instagram every 3-4 news and shows ads after sharing. Enough to prove this alone. You may not have noticed. In social media, these ads are growing more and more. I don’t think it’s harmful, but it’s not very useful. On the other hand, we will continue to show ads if we want Facebook to remain in place.
We will continue advertising from the following title.
Social media is also a website and the main purpose of websites is to make money. The fact that those who develop these websites also have basic needs is a normal feature of using social media.


2. Increase global communication!

Long before Facebook, there were websites that brought people together globally. Like Windows Live Messenger and Skype …
These structures dragged the world into a more global communication. This includes email services. A period of communication with the email after the letter was very popular. Emails are now used for work and for a project or for corporate applications and feedback.
After Facebook, the world has shifted to global communication. Global communication has many benefits, but some of the damages are considered out of place.

3. Giving direction to the world!

Currents! The world can become shaken by a video released from a mobile application. Like “Harlem Shake” and similar videos are a lot of fun. Even at the other end of the world you can get a fun sharing spree.
Are social media that have great results when used for entertainment, are used for other purposes?
If you want to give direction to the world, the easiest place to do it is not TV channels Social media. It’s easy to advertise for $ 1. If you take a video and advertise it, who knows, you can be the one who directs the world.

4. Make advertising!

Earns money by posting social media ads. Even social media can give you money. Ads serve in both directions. If you have a Youtube channel and are constantly producing and enjoying content, you earn good money from ads.
Both YouTube and you win.
Viewers watch the videos you’ve taken, so the 3 sides are happy …
It will be appreciated for the final consumers that we are able to run a reasonable level of advertising unless it is overrated.

Social media has many aims. We have only dealt with 4 items. If you believe that social media has other goals, you can write to the comments field at the bottom of this article. Thus, our visitors can enjoy reading. We thank you.

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