Recover a stolen Instagram Account

Has your Instagram account been stolen? This article explains the resolution process. Read carefully to avoid hacking your account. The source of information is only the Help page, not other sites.

My Instagram account was stolen, what can I do?

If you don’t have the opportunity to read our suggestions, visit this link now. This article on the official Instagram help page is exactly what it is about: I think someone else took my Instagram account.

1- If you can login to your Instagram account

Secure your account now. So take control while you are still able to access your account.

Change your password immediately or send yourself a password reset email.

Turn on two-factor authentication right away.

Open Account Settings: check your phone number and email address. If it is correct, continue.

Check the Accounts Center and remove any linked accounts that are unrelated to you and that you do not know.

Uninstall all third-party apps. You then add it in a controlled manner. Cancel access to your account. We recommend that you use your account without the need for these third party apps. These can be bots programmed to like and comment on your behalf! They can also use it maliciously. Just install and instagram official application to your account. Do not install in any app store. Only install from places like Play Store and Apple Appstore. Especially don’t be fooled by the interesting app features Instagram hasn’t yet offered. (eg secret follower!)

2- Checking the e-mail from Instagram

Check your linked email to see if there is a message from Instagram. If you received an e-mail with informing you that your e-mail address has changed, mark undo this change in the message and reverse the action immediately.

If other information about your Instagram account has been changed (eg your password) and you are unable to change your email address, request a login link or security code from Instagram.

3- Request a login link from Instagram

Send a login link to your email address or phone number to verify who owns the account.

1- Get help signing in (Android) or Forgot your password? Tap (iPhone).

2- Enter your username, e-mail address or phone number and tap Next.

I don’t know the Instagram username, email address, and phone number!

If you don’t know the username, email address or phone number, click the Need more help? Tap and follow the instructions.

3- Select your email or phone number and tap Send Login Link.

4- Click on the corresponding login link and complete the instructions.

4- Request security code and HELP from Instagram

If you cannot get back your account with the login link Instagram sent you, you can request support from the help team.

On Android:

1- On the login screen: Get help signing in under the Sign In section

2- Enter the username, email address or phone number.

3- Next, Need more help?

4- Select your email address or phone number and tap Send Security Code.

On iPhone:

On the login link screen: Send Login Link section Need more help? Tap the option. Select your email or phone number and tap Send Security Code.

If you don’t get a security code, tap I can’t access this email address or phone number in the Send Security Code section and follow the instructions.


  • Enter a secure email address only you can access. After submitting your request, you will receive an email from Instagram.

5- Verify your identity

We recommend that you take the steps below seriously. Be careful not to make any mistakes at this stage. Take your time and check everything.

To complete the authentication, you will receive an auto-reply email from the facebook (Instagram) help team and you may be asked to:

  • A photograph of you holding a piece of paper on which the code sent to you is handwritten.
  • The email address or phone number you registered with and the type of device you used to sign up (eg iPhone, Android, iPad, other).

When you submit information that will help them verify your identity, they will send instructions to recover your account to the secure email address you provided to the team. Check your email account inbox. If necessary, check your email spam folder.

In order to avoid the need for Instagram account recovery, we recommend that you keep your account information up to date and not use your account login information other than the official Instagram site and application.

Source: Facebook – Instagram Help

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