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  1. I got hacked and they already changed my phone number and the email address . On Instagram

  2. I forget my instagram password and I lost my registered phone number and email I’d so please recovery my account please.
    Instagram Username. niz***
    Instagram name. Niz***
    I Lost Registered number. 819***
    I lost Email I’d. kha***
    Current contact email I’d. niz***

  3. Back in October 4th my account was hacked and disabled and also the hacker removed my posts and changed my username to ahmetkz*** and I have my number and Gmail and a hacker downloaded two factor authentication and I do not have a backup code and also please email me Sai***@***mail.com or call me 929*** I wanna get my account back and I’m losing followers

    • Hi, Try Email and phone recovery steps separately while retrying reset password to login to your account.

      If the email address of the hacked account has been changed, try to get the recovery code along with the phone number. Try logging in with email or phone number or Facebook.

      Can’t log in and recover with any of these? Then go and report your Instagram profile.

      Report account: Impersonating / Me / Then submit the report.

      Ask your friends on Instagram to report your account: Impersonating someone else / Someone I know / Submit the report.

  4. Some hacked my instagram
    They Change my email, username, password evergthing . I tried so many ways to get my account back but I can’t able to get please help me I want my account back 😭😭🙏🙏

    • Hello, to prove that the account belongs to you, you can report your profile as impersonating you.

      Go to your own Instagram profile. /
      Press the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. /
      Report… Press where it says. /
      Report the account. /
      Imitating someone else. /
      Me. / Select and continue.

      This is the shortest way to contact Instagram to prove that your account belongs to you. Since the account belongs to you, you have all the information Instagram could ask for.


    • Same her mine just happen today 😭😭
      Please did you get you account back

  5. I know my email address also password still I can’t get confirmation code also I can’t login what to do

  6. Someone go my Facebook account and they hacked it so I cannot get in my old email on my Facebook and my Instagram

  7. My facebook account and instagram account is very special to me
    But is was disabled on 3.07.22
    Please help me for get it back 😭😭😭
    Those accounts are very precious for me 🥺
    Please help me please 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    My id user name – susmitaftsumi
    And full name – Susmita Dolai
    Please do something 😭😭🥺

    • If your account was closed due to an error, you must appeal. Below is the link to the Instagram Help page. From there, appeal with the option that suits your needs.

      Instagram Help Page

    • My Facebook account is band plz plz open my account

  8. My Facebook and Instagram account disable please help me

  9. Please help me recover my stolen account 5moesha__s***

    • Preciso recuperar minha conta do Instagram!

    • Solicite um link de login do Instagram!

      Você pode pedir que eles enviem um link de login para seu endereço de e-mail ou número de telefone para ajudá-los a verificar se a conta é sua.

      Para solicitar um link de login do Instagram:

      Passo 1:

      Obtenha ajuda para fazer login na tela de login (Android) ou Esqueceu sua senha? Toque em (iPhone).

      Passo 2:

      Digite o nome de usuário, endereço de e-mail ou número de telefone associado à sua conta e toque em Avançar.

      Observação: se você não souber o nome de usuário, endereço de e-mail ou número de telefone associado à sua conta, no botão Avançar Precisa de mais ajuda? Toque e siga as instruções na tela.

      Etapa 3:

      Selecione seu endereço de e-mail ou número de telefone e toque em Enviar link de login.

      Passo 4:

      Clique no link de login no e-mail ou mensagem de texto (SMS) que você recebe e siga as instruções na tela.

      Entrar no Instagram agora


    • Gentlemen, I’ve put my account there and you’ve put it there for no reason. I ask you to take a look at it and return my account to it

  10. My personal Facebook and Instagram disable

    • My Facebook is deleted ,I want the one that is written Zintle Sijila ,wearing a maroon top please ,I even forgot my password

    • Dear team,
      I have lost my Instagram account from last few months, I think this was by mistake, I may have done against your guidelines, now I realised it was my mistake and I am always obey to your rules and guidelines please enable my Instagram account .

      My Instagram account has was deactivated for violation of Instagrams community guidelines.
      My lawyer had gone through the terms and claims that I haven’t violated any of guidelines.
      It was a false deactivation.
      Please reactivate my account as soon as possible

      Thank you

      Username: @mr_***
      Email. : @Nawaz***

      my Instagram id disabled before 8 month My Instagram account has was deactivated of violations of
      Instagram’s community guidelines
      My lawyer had gone through the term and claim that I haven’t
      violated any of guidelines .it was a false deactivation
      Please reactivate mr_***
      Please sir
      my email id old account linkd
      my account name. mr_***

    • Hello Nawaz,
      First of all, we, as the socialhesapsil.com website, are sorry for the problem you have experienced on Instagram. The only authorities to deal with this problem are the Instagram support team.

      Previously, my own account was also locked by mistake and was immediately unlocked after I objected. So it is possible to experience some erroneous operations.

      As I understand it, it has been 30 days. According to Instagram policy, accounts will be completely deleted after 30 days if they are at user request.

      However, the importance of your data and the correspondence you will make with the Instagram team will help you get more precise information about the situation.

      Did you object on the first day that Instagram posted a notification about your account? If you haven’t objected, this issue may have timed out. You appealed on time, but the appeal was not accepted?

      We recommend that you move the objection back to the Instagram support team with more detailed information.

      You can contact Instagram via the link below:


  11. Help me with this hacked Facebook account,the name is surakar olamide Muhammad

  12. My account was a memorialized Instagram account that has been deleted, please can you help me get it back…

    • I went to the help center and I didn’t get any help there I need to know why my account is saying I need to confirm contact number and when I do confirm contact number I’m not getting any sms to move on to the next step.

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