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Recover stolen facebook account: We recovered a hacked facebook account. We explain the process of recovering someone’s stolen account, along with important warnings and suggestions. This also applies to those who don’t want their Facebook accounts to be stolen.

As you read the article, you will see that there are many steps to account recovery. The account we saved was the most difficult. So:

The phone cannot receive recovery SMS.
The E-MAIL password registered on Facebook was unknown. (After the e-mail was opened, its password was forgotten.
The trusted contact list on Facebook had not been created before. (Create trusted contact list)
Two-factor authentication has not been created before. (Create Two-factor authentication)
The account has been disabled!

So we didn’t have much choice to save Facebook. We had to find a way. Since I know the help page well, I went to the help page. And find this help page.

I can not login to Facebook

There was another option on the help page. This page is particularly important: I cannot log in to Facebook

I found many recovery options on this page and started trying. “If you’re having trouble with your e-mail, phone number or username” I can’t access this information. I had the option to take a photo of my friend’s ID and post it on Facebook so I could prove to facebook that my friend is the original owner of that account.

We’ve reviewed the following article on the Help page: Go to this web address and follow the instructions. There are so many options, some people may feel overwhelmed without knowing how to use that much information. Complete the steps and information requested from you in this section. If your account is still not recovered, read on. We have added important warnings and helpful suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Important note :

Be sure to use a computer or mobile phone you used to log in to your Facebook account!

This very important warning must be applied to recover the account. If you’re trying to recover your account from a device that has never been logged in, the system detects that you are malicious and you can bid farewell to account recovery! In a nutshell, by trying to recover an account from another device, you only make it difficult.

If you think your account has been taken over by someone else, find out what you can do!

As a last resort, this section will help us. We did not have authorized resources for account recovery access. There was no “sms recovery” versus email recovery. Stolen accounts section has been specially prepared. Follow the instructions in this section and get your account back.

Post your ID on Facebook

Get your account back by sending your identity to Facebook. (identity card, driver’s license, etc.)

We were only able to recover my friend’s account by sending an ID. However, we tried all the ways up to this point and did not get any results. Here are the details of recovering accounts by sending ID to Facebook: What types of ID does Facebook accept?

Facebook explains this step as follows:

   If your name on Facebook needs to be confirmed or you cannot access your account, you may be asked to send us a copy of a document with your name on it.

As you can see, it is necessary to read between the lines to save an account. Normally, celebrities send identities to facebook, which means that we normal citizens do not have much interest. But it seems that if you cannot access your facebook account, send us your ID and we will open it. Here we started trying this step.

What is valid if there is no ID?

Documents that serve as identity cards are:

Photo ID issued by a government agency.
Identities issued by non-governmental organizations.
Official certificates or licenses showing your name or magazine subscription.
It asks for other physical documents such as a post on your behalf.

There is always one, but you must send your official ID card or driver’s license. (ID card and driver’s license)

The method we use at this stage: Taking a photo of your face and ID card at the same time. However, it was stated in the comments made that this method could be a problem. Because if the identity cannot be clearly seen and understood, your request will not be accepted. (Blurred photos, insufficient lighting, ambiguous identity text will be risky)

Just send a picture of your ID!

Facebook asked us for an accessible e-mail address during transactions. So she can email us the account recovery link. Remember, add an email account with a known password. If you need someone who is reliable and immediately available. And if possible, have that person be with you while doing these. I wrote the e-mail address (sosyal*** to a help page link on facebook that opened. I also attached the face photo taken with ID and sent it

Some time passed and I received a confirmation mail to recover the account.

Facebook identity confirmation - Turkish
Facebook authentication – Turkish

Important: I sent the incoming e-mail link to my friend via Whatsapp so that my friend could open the incoming e-mail on his phone. He opened the link on his phone and followed the steps below.

Securing the Facebook account

My friend followed these steps to secure his account: He created a new password. He connected his phone to his account. The couple turned on verification. 5 contacts were added to trusted contacts. She opened a new email address and linked it to her facebook account. In a nutshell, it enabled all known account recovery tools to secure its account.


In summary, we followed all facebook account recovery steps and recovered a stolen facebook account. We are happy because we did a really good and useful job. You too will be successful and will get your facebook account back. If you want advice, add it to the comment.

Important details

Facebook gives the right to change the name every 60 days. Therefore, my friend cannot use his stolen account on his behalf until it expires. Until then, it would be useful to write in the second name sections of the facebook name information page. And you have to share in a post that the Facebook account was stolen and specifically recovered. Do not hesitate, this will be both accurate and essential for your social security. If a crime has been committed, your post is a public statement.


Before you go, visit this facebook security and login page and add many options to secure your account. Stay healthy.


*We do not save an account as a page. We only give advice.

*You can only withdraw your account yourself. (Use your own computer and your own phone)

*We recommend that you do not send money and credentials to anyone.
Do not get caught in the storm while running from the rain! Don’t hurry, the article explains every detail. You will surely get it back.

Research patiently.

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