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  1. (Name) your account has been locked
    We’ve seen unusual activity on your account. This may mean that someone has used your account without your knowledge.

    Account locked on January 27, 2022
    To protect you, your profile is not visible to people on Facebook and you can’t use your account.
    We’ll take you through some steps to unlock your account.
    My Facebook galti se naam Maine change kar diya new design kar de diya na uska baat my my Facebook lock ho gaya kisi sell me my Facebook please

    Hello dear facebook tear my facebook account is locked it has problem verifying your identity. Please help me to unlock my facebook account otherwise give me a code option. This account is very important for me because this account is linked with my other social platforms so please try to understand and unlock my Facebook account

    My Facebook Account Details:

    email :- amirg***

    Add mobile number:- 906***

    Account Server:
    Owner’s Name Amir Hossain Gazi
    (info) Facebook name
    Request:- Locked facebook option change request..

    • Hello, Apparently, because you changed your name, Facebook detected this as unusual activity and blocked your account.

      Complete the steps that Facebook has requested from you. See the notification that you’ve been notified when your account has been blocked (at that time). There you will find how many steps to perform. Complete those steps without errors.

      Not: The account owner typically does not change their name. Be sure to set up all the features in the Facebook security recommendations before making name changes. (available on this page)

  2. Hi sir; I make two authentication with my number and I turned it off and I format my Mobile now if I’m trying to open my account it showing for login code and I’m not receiving any code on my number pls help me to get back in my account thankue

  3. Please help..me too recover my acount …change all details phone number gmail acount.. I did not connect my acount.. please me..help me.. to recover my acount..


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