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We have prepared this study to determine the problems you experience in accessing your social accounts and find solutions. Social Account Recovery consists of specific steps. Account recovery with your phone number (SMS), account recovery via email are the two main steps. Our articles about saving your password reminder passwords online and creating Super passwords are available on the site. Social account recovery steps:

1. Account recovery by email

The first thing you need to open a social account is an email account. If you want to open a Facebook account, it will ask you for an email account. So they can send you a link to your email address to confirm your account. You open the message to your e-mail address and click the link you need to confirm. Thus, your Facebook account opens instantly. This email address works like your home address for account related transactions. There are places where you need to report when your address changes. When your email account registered on your Facebook account changes, you need to remove your old address registered on Facebook and add your new email address. This is a very important step. Because your e-mails cannot reach the correct address. Many users lose access to their facebook accounts because they skipped this step. If you have connected a non-email contact option to your Facebook account, you can continue to access your account. For example, defining a phone number on your facebook account.

I lost access to my email account

In this article, we will work on the Instagram example. You need to know the email registered to your Instagram account!

I don’t remember my registered email address

The process is always the same if you forget your password. I forgot my password! You must click on the link (where it says forgot my password) on the relevant account page. It can show a part of your Instagram email account such as blabla*** Or it can also directly show your email address. This way, you will know by which email you have opened an Instagram account. You can go to your e-mail account, follow the password renewal steps and continue using your account with your new password.

I forgot the password for my email account

Email passwords can be forgotten. Email recovery options vary by service. Recovering a Google Mail account or an Outlook account may be different. The email service asks some questions to recover your account.

The last password you remember
Day month and year you registered
Secret questions and answers (if any)

Do you have a registered phone number? (If available, skip to account recovery step with phone number). Have you added another e-mail account? (Your e-mail service is to register with another e-mail service).

* Answer the above questions and similar questions in the most correct way!
* If possible, log in with the device on which you opened this email account.

Try the account recovery step on the computer, phone or tablet on which you created an account. If you can provide sufficient and correct information, the system can recover your account. Missing information and incorrect situations put your account at risk. Follow these steps in a calm environment to succeed.

2. Account recovery based on phone number

Another important option among social account recovery options is your phone number. For example, if you define your phone number on your facebook account, if you have trouble accessing your account, you can recover your account with an SMS. If you still haven’t done so, add a phone number to your facebook account. There are more account recovery options on this page. In this way, you will get rid of account access problems.

An important reminder: If you change your phone number or lose access to your phone number, do the following:

* Go to your Facebook account and add a new phone number. (Have an accessible phone).
* Remove your old phone number immediately. (Do this long before you lose access to the phone number!)

We gave an example of Facebook account to understand the subject. You can follow similar steps for Instagram and Twitter and more accounts.

What will you do when you lose phone access to a social media account? In this article, we will explain through the example of Turkcell.

You had a Facebook account and you were logging in by entering your phone number. But you have a new phone number today. You closed the changed phone number because you did not use it! Your phone line is completely off. Unfortunately, your phone number is still registered on your Facebook account. And the recovery sms messages keep going to the old number! Since you haven’t saved your new phone number to your Facebook account, the phone number account recovery step won’t work.

The phone registered to my account is closed

You are not the first person to be in this situation. These situations may arise after you. The solution is simple. However, you may need some work. Obviously, there was this problem in an e-mail we received before writing this solution and we suggested that they contact Turkcell in response. We said call the customer service of the telephone network.

When your phone line goes down, your number is now passive. It remains so until it is sold to another user. What should you do in this situation? Immediately call the network to which your old number is connected. Tell the customer service about the situation. Say its importance to you. Explain that you need help!

Try to buy your mobile number again

It is an expensive method: Find out if there are alternative methods without purchasing your number. Learn about your legal rights. Maybe it can be resolved with a petition.

If your phone number is sold

Find out if phone lines that have been closed are for sale. If your old number has been sold, try the methods below.

If your old phone line is active

If your old phone number has been sold, call the number directly. Call at convenient times. Before calling, send a message explaining the situation. Check if your message has reached the number. If they are helpful, thank you. Who knows, maybe you will win friends. If it doesn’t help, take your time and try again. Please don’t overdo it. Write beautifully to be successful in the first message.

Your old phone line is no longer working

Your old number has been sold but is not active. That’s why nobody can answer when you call. Contact customer service immediately. Tell them you want to buy the old number. Or find out who they sold your number to. Transactions will be easier if you learn to whom it is sold. If it was sold to a company and it is not active, contact the company. Contact the authorized person by phone or e-mail. If you are in the same city, make an appointment and go for their tea. Meet face to face and explain the problem. 10 and 16 tea hours. Be clear about your problem and how to fix it. They will definitely help you.

3. Contact help service

There is one more option that is not among the email recovery options. We recommend this as a page. Communicate directly. They won’t want to help with this. Be prepared for this. However, you should definitely try this step. After all, no one can own this mail account and put in that much effort and provide the most information. They will listen to you and give your account back to you if you are right.

Click here to learn how to recover a stolen facebook account.

We decided to collect the Social Account Recovery steps in a single post. Because we had the same problems. I recovered my 15 year old Yahoo account. 🙂 We decided to identify account problems and seek solutions. And as a result, this article is out. This post will add new methods over time. If you run into problems, add your personal information to the review without the need to type. We will look for solutions together to help you and your readers.

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