53 thoughts on “Social Account Recovery”

  1. A few years ago I got locked out of my old FB profile and somehow gained access back by somehow creating a new FB acct and adding my old locked accs email address as a secondary to the new acct and then was able to somehow go through new account to the old acct or either was possibly somehow able to like maybe merge both acct’s together (??? Can just barely kinda remember simple jist of the horrendous traumatizing ordeal/process???) by adding old acct email as a 2nd email to new acct (I’m honestly really not 💯% or even 50% sure exactly what I somehow managed to figure out to do or exactly what it fully consisted of doing, except for as I mentioned earlier, a very simple vague jist of; the kinda/maybe/possibly sort of mostly at least half guessing recall that I’ve managed) and I think quiet possibly then adding the new açct email to the old acct as previously done(vise-versa) and somehow managed to regain access to my old FB acct through the new acct and was then able to I guess merge both together. Does any of this B.S. maybe vaguely seem at all familiar or anything(????) cuz I somehow managed to get in pretty much the same exact situation again and have been trying for about 3 maybe 4yrs now to regain access as I previously managed. But as the really crappy B.S. in life goes I can’t figure out or even slightly partially come a gnats-ass of actually remembering what I managed to figure out or remember exactly everything i had to do to do it in order to regain access once again this time… I know the email to old acct but no password, no phone or #access, no recovery email(at least I guess there ain’t), and anything I’ve attempted hasn’t ever gotten me to answering security questions or any other normal possible ways…. Can somebody that gets any of this plz try to help me or maybe point me in the at least semi-right direction??!! Plz Plz Plz??!!??! TIA!!!


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