Delete Account – Use

How to use apps and site

Our goal on our website and other relevant site links we offer is: Help you delete your accounts in web and mobile applications. We offer you a direct delete link. We can offer a little dagger before deleting accounts.

* Once you have access to these information and links, you will be able to:


Deactivate or freeze accounts

or e-mail to delete your account. you learn the operations. * Some social networks can be easily deleted. Some sites may not offer this complete deletion feature yet. Fully deleted accounts may even have some information on sites like  You can browse the privacy policy of the site.

* On this website and related applications, we will never ask you for a password. We provide both the application and only the account deletion link on this site and other places about us. Please make sure you are using a safe device and scanner. Then make sure you are logging in to the correct website. Most importantly, decide which process to start and continue. Responsibility belongs to you.

* Think thoroughly before deleting an account. Some accounts can never be undone after they are deleted.



* Instead of deleting an account completely:

Disable your account. Apply account deactivate or account freezing. If you are satisfied with this account, then you may want to consider deleting your account. You can delete the account at any time. If you have any questions we can answer those who follow this webpage. If you have a more accurate link or transaction, you can add a comment to the bottom of each account’s delete page. And you can write to us from the contact page. In any case, writing to the bottom of the web page will be more important for other people.