What Happens to Personal Data When Social Networks Shut Down?

Wondering what happens to your personal data when social media platforms shut down? You have repeatedly expressed the importance of this situation on our page and via e-mail. We have a few suggestions.

Do not open accounts in new applications!

There is a famous Turkish saying, “To jump like a carp”. In other words, to dive into it blindly without fully understanding something. Being hasty and not thinking about the end can cause problems in the end.

When a new social media platform is established, you immediately sign up and dive into a new adventure. This is perfectly normal and why wait? Because everyone is already there. So, is there any harm in registering a social media account?

Big social networking companies like Facebook and TikTok are closer to complying with the law. However, the situation can be thought-provoking on newly established platforms where you may have privacy concerns.

What do social networks that are closed do to personal data?

  1. They are deleting your data.
  2. They hide ( for personal or company policy)
  3. It is hidden for legal reasons.

From time to time, there are social practice trends that shake the agenda and spread throughout the world. Sometimes those who try to collect people’s money and personal information with the intention of fraud. 

Bad things don’t last long on the internet. But things can spread quickly until they’re noticed. Not only are there platforms for scams, there are also bad ideas that don’t hold up, or platforms that shut down because of not enough effort.

Even after social media platforms are shut down, there should be a website page explaining what personal data is. This will be very helpful…

It is illegal to use your personal data without permission and purpose.

Confidentiality agreements

For example, how long your data will be stored when registering on Twitter is explained here .

We generally retain other personally identifiable data we collect when you use our products and services for a maximum of 18 months .

Twitter Privacy Page – 2022

Major platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even Google are considered to implement this period in their confidentiality agreement. There is a stronger belief that when you delete your account, your data will be securely deleted and not floating around.

What are the newer and smaller social networks doing with your data? Answer: They disappear in an instant.👻

How long is the privacy policy?

Has your data been deleted?

A question came up on this very subject today and a platform cannot be reached at all. No website or down. The app has been removed from the Google Play Store. Also, there is no website in the search engine. The platform suddenly disappeared…

What can those who want to delete their personal data do at this stage? Apparently nothing. Except to hope the data gets deleted because the platform is shut down… Wait, you need to get down to doing some research.

Find and ask people who set up the social network

Every social networking platform is built by people. You need to find the owners of the closed platform. You can find them on popular social networks. For this, see if there is information about the founding members on the Wikipedia pages of the closed network. The email address should be on their website, find it and ask them if you may get an answer.

Web page dedicated to social networks that were closed

Vine, for example, does this very well. ⭐ vine.co

Maybe this should be enforced legally. The cost of using personal data, a simple explanation page and confidentiality agreement should be kept live for 6 months after the platform is closed.

Even after the social media platform is shut down, there should be a website page explaining what personal data is. This would be very helpful…

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  1. Porfavo mim ajuda a excluir minha conta no Instagram não aparece o botão de excluir

  2. Please help me out to recover my Facebook. It is been hacked my someone unknowingly. My phone number and email address has been changed and now I can access the recovery code since they are being received by Tha someone

    • To recover Facebook, you can access detailed information on the official Facebook help page: Before that, review the explanations about account recovery on the following drop-down page that we have prepared.

      * Facebook Account Recovery

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