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WhatsApp is a business and personal messaging platform that makes communication easy. Assuming you know the benefits, we will highlight the striking points in the new contract that set the agenda in January 2021.

Contracts by WhatsApp application type

WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

How does the type of WhatsApp application you use affect you? The contracts are: WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. The services used shape the policy. You can see all information together on the WhatsApp privacy page.

Europeans and other countries

The statement says: “If you reside in the European Region, the WhatsApp service is provided to you by” WhatsApp Ireland Limited “in accordance with these Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.” A more special contract has been offered to users in Europe. Thus, we understand that there is not yet a standard and equal contract for the whole world.

In my personal opinion, Europe is the most developed region in the world in terms of human rights protection. Thus, the WhatsApp contract will be lighter for users in Europe. It is likely to be a little heavier for the rest of the world. Of course, after reviewing the contract yourself, you can determine whether you agree with this view.

Terms of Service for Europe
Privacy Policy for Europe
Terms of Service for other countries
Privacy Policy for other countries

Previous Privacy Policies

Check out the archived old WhatsApp Privacy Policy. Take a look at what has changed since yesterday.

Delete WhatsApp Account

If you are thinking of deleting your account or want to see how to delete an account, visit the WhatsApp account deletion section.

WhatsApp Account Deletion


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