Which Chat Application to Choose?

Individuals now have difficulty making decisions even when installing a chat application. Privacy concern. The issue of how personal data is used. Concerns about the side effects of the information age are growing. While the features of an app are important, our privacy is more important. Privacy is starting to affect the requirements for new additional features in apps. If companies offer their technology completely free of charge, it is necessary to know the underlying cause. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a chat app or a mobile app. There is a saying: “If you are given something for free, you are probably the product!”

Your privacy is important. For example, you are browsing Instagram before sleeping in bed at night and you have seen a bed or night light advertisement! It is night now and you are in bed with a night light next to you … How would you feel when you see this advertisement? Or you mentioned a special topic to your friend and you saw an advertisement on that very subject … Think about the versions of the examples.

Privacy Policies of Chat Apps

First, let’s present you the privacy policy list of the most popular social networking and chat apps. The main purpose of the 5 chat apps in the list is to provide quality and advanced chat. We want to keep the list narrow and make the subject easy to understand. So you can quickly find out which policies are best for you with a quick scan. Then let’s compare the policies in the rest of the article. Let’s finally come to a conclusion. Then add your opinion to the comment if you wish.

  1. Messenger Privacy (Facebook)
  2. Whatsapp Privacy
  3. Telegram Privacy
  4. Signal Privacy
  5. Skype Privacy

What personal data do chat apps collect?

Let’s see what information chat apps use to keep their service going and to process data and improve the service.

Attention ⚠

The information in the list is not proven to be true, it is only the compilation of the information declared in the confidentiality agreements. In addition, there were difficulties in comparing, collecting and evaluating Conventions as there was no standard presentation for confidentiality agreements. For this reason, we recommend that you do not think that the least information in the list collects less data.

Facebook Messenger

Things you and others do and information you provide. Contents, messages and other information are collected. Information about networks and connections. How you use the application. Device information. Processing information received from partners. Privacy


Your Account Information. Your messages. Your connections. Usage and Registration Information. Transaction Information. Device and Connection Information. Cookies. Status information. Information Others Provide About You. Information from Third Party Services and Providers. Privacy


Basic Account Data. E-mail address. Your messages. Cloud Conversations. Secret Chats and Media in Conversations. Phone Number and Contacts. Cookies. Privacy


Account info. Messages. Persons. Sharing information with third parties. Privacy


Collects usage data. Skype Contacts. Your recorded video messages, voice messages or file transfers with partner companies. Instant notifications. Transcription of audio recordings from the translation service. Skype bots access to all content. Privacy

Which chat application to choose?

This will be completely tailored to your needs. For example, if all your friends use Whatsapp, you need to use Whatsapp to access them. This will automatically require you to accept the WhatsApp privacy policy. You can no longer use one application or switch to another application. Then your friends will need to use that app too. Another issue is that other apps collect similar data! There are words of world technology giants that say they use your data for your benefit. For example WhatsApp says: “Privacy is in our DNA!” Whether these are mere words or truth, time will tell. If your data is stolen, you can sue them. Or you can stop using that app.

Whichever chat application you trust, be sure to review its policy in detail. Policies change over time. Know that it’s an earlier version of a privacy policy you read today. For example, see WhatsApp’s previous privacy policy here.


As you can see, popular chat apps analyze everything from your phone number to photos and videos, and even your translation and voice messages, with the promise of providing a better service. For example, Whatsapp supports you to create a profile using phone numbers. This may be necessary. So, is each permission given and data collected for your benefit? Or is it a tactic to generate advertising revenue?

On the other hand, if Whatsapp or other chat applications present your phone number to another company for advertising purposes, then it is inevitable that you will receive many product advertising messages. If you detect any use of your phone number or other personal data without your permission, you must report this to the relevant chat application. It may not be a solution to delete or uninstall apps to avoid using data without your permission. If you examine it in detail, some applications can keep your data in databases for months. During this time, your data may continue to be misused. Report the situation and request the deletion of the data. Although the contracts are unilateral, they do not prevent you from defending your rights.

Special Advice

Some applications may be essential for business and private life. Then you have to use it. Otherwise, there will be problems in your life. While companies like Microsoft or Facebook are sensitive about privacy, you don’t have to trust them completely. You need to learn what is what. What information do they use for what and does the processing of this data have anything to do with the service? Some data are used solely for the advertising ecosystem. The dissemination of this data in a network of third parties can benefit or harm you in the long run. There is a need for experts who investigate these issues in more detail. Control you!

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