Who Unfriended you on Facebook

Have you ever thought what would happen if you get a Facebook logout notification? One of the features we want to have on Facebook is probably this: Not being friends with someone on Facebook! Unfortunately this feature didn’t come to Facebook. There has been no development in this regard for many years. What if we remove one of our friends list? What will we do if that person understands this situation?

Although Facebook is a virtual environment, most people think it’s real! We share this environment together. Facebook is our little neighborhood and getting online is like seeing the light of a house coming from the street. In fact, the home light at night indicates that you are online at home. Just like sitting on the couch on Facebook. In summary, people started to confuse virtual world and reality.

When you unfriend someone

This person calls and asks you right away. “Why did you delete me?

Congratulations. You really lost a friend. It will no longer care about you as before. And when you remove people from your social media, they will think it is real and reflect it on you. Usually it was. Let’s not deceive ourselves. Maybe people who love you very much don’t mind removing them from Facebook, but the rest will do. In short, it is very important to say “I do not see you as a friend”, even if it is virtual.

Years ago I wanted a friend and deleted it. That person overreacted to me. No need to exaggerate. People add and delete each other. Don’t do ego. And don’t push the situation too hard. Admit it, anyone can delete you from Facebook. You get them too. Facebook may not offer this feature as it does not want its platform to turn into a world of hate. People don’t want Facebook to be known as a place where “someone will take you off their lists.” Goodbye is always silent.

See who unfriended you on Facebook

Keeping track of who deleted you on Facebook can upset you. Do not use such apps as it may cause anger and hatred to you. Instead of doing this, I have a suggestion for you. Open your old pictures on Facebook and see who “Liked” there. Scroll to the bottom of the list of likes. Anyone who appears to be “Add as a friend” to Facebook has unfriended you on Facebook! You can also try and see this for other posts (photo, video, share). So instead of being sad when you see those who erased you, you will just be surprised. 🙂

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  1. Support@facebook.com Hello Facebook team I know all the terms and services. And i claim that I have not done any violation.so i request you to my facebook account reactivation as soon as possible thank you.


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