Why Should You Delete Your Social Accounts?

WhatWhy Should You Delete Your Social Accounts? What happens when you delete it? Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. We use it every day. For hours … So will we continue like this? We’d love to know what you think about this. We would like to explain to you why a person might want to delete their social media accounts for some reason.


Why Should You Delete Your Social Accounts? 7 Reasons


1. You will have a colorful life

Social media is ultimately a virtual environment. Seeing other people on the phone and tablet screen. Seeing them alive is more fun and more real. When you explore the real social world instead of virtual media, you can enjoy real communication instead of live streaming.


2.Spending more time with the family

Hanging out on social media sites is fun to some extent. Spending time with your family is priceless. You can do more important things on Instagram than follow hundreds of people a day for 3-5 hours. For example, spending time with your family. Go out and do something with the family. Watching movies or playing games together at home. Even eating together. At the end of the day, Instagram will still stay in place and wait for you, so you can spend a lot of time with your family and hang out a little on Instagram. So you will feel happier. Read more, Without Social media family life


3. You will communicate better with your friends.

Our friends are like our social families. They live in the area of the closest social distance to us after family. We love our friends and have fun with them in any social or virtual environment. They make us happy and trying to have fun with them on a phone screen is not enough. We are happier seeing our friends face to face. It is better to hear their voices from a distance of one meter than through a telephone handset. We can understand him better when he is sad, when we are happy we can live that moment better. More, Without social media family life


4. Don’t get caught up in social trends

Social currents are fun. Some social movements fascinate you. It is other people who discover these social currents. We also have our own discoveries. Sometimes we discover things in a family and friends environment. And our mind can generate new things from emerging needs. These inventions are generally fun. The important thing is to find it. On the other hand, a new trend emerges every week in social media. And everyone finds themselves in this trend. Have you noticed that social media movements not only entertain you but also drag you? When you stay away from social applications, you focus on your own production. It can be fun to watch someone else do something, but it’s much more fun if you do it yourself. You will realize that you are already out of social currents and you will not mind artificial agendas. Without social media Friends life


5. You spend 3-7 hours a day on social media.

There is no system that restricts the use of social media. Your family can warn you. If you don’t spare time for your friends, they’ll remind you of this. Using social media at school and work can be more difficult. So who will stop you? Perhaps the real question is: do you want them to stop you? Well, have you ever thought about the harms of social media? By reducing the use of social media, you will realize how valuable 3-7 hours spent on your phone, tablet or computer are. It is clear that you have to do it for this.


6. Is your life private or public?

The only condition for your life to remain special and beautiful is that not everyone knows everything about you. If you are famous, people will wonder about your life. Even if you are not famous, there will be people who want to see you on social media.

There may be those who want to live a secret life. And these people want to stay that way when they’re not needed. They don’t like to be on the agenda. In this way, they can achieve the calm and peaceful life they want. One day you can turn off the social media for a while and you can understand what we mean.


7.Being a little Asocial can make you special

Here we want to draw attention to some of the positive aspects of being asocial. There are also benefits to staying away from society. In order to better understand oneself, every person should stay away from society for a while. Social media is dragging you, but maybe you don’t want to be dragged. Beyond culture, beliefs, and traditions, there is a question of what you want as an individual. “What do you want?”

Being asocial in society leads to the idea of ​​an individual less controllable than the social. Even if it is to reduce social pressure, each individual should enjoy being asocial and experience the social and asocial environment to support what they want. Those who adopt their own situation, that is, they are satisfied with the situation they are in. They are happy this way.

Also, those who do not like showing off may choose not to use social media. A person can be happy without others. He can also be happy without proving anything to others. When you are with others, there is an opportunity to increase your happiness even more. After all, this is his own choice. The individual must stay on his own and find his way. Thus, he can get a chance to further improve himself.


Social media can help you socialize. You can take a picture and share it with your friends, and that’s good. But let’s not forget that real social life is where there are no screens.

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