Without social media Family life

Without Social Media – Family  life

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How does time go in a family environment without social media?
In this article we will take this issue ale. You will be a little surprised.
Life begins without social media …


This idea will be easier if you’re looking hot. Even if you are far from this idea, it will encourage you to think.
Dear families, this article is for you.

* The purpose of this page is to show you different thoughts.

Without Social Media: Family life

You’re closer to your family!
When you see each other more often, you will be closer. You will be much happier by dividing social hours into 3-7 hours of family members.

* Social accounts away from you family!

* Do not keep phone at dinner or breakfast at the table!

* Put the phone in your pocket when talking to someone from the family.
Or drop it on the table.
Even mute …

That means you’re respectful.
The most popular people are the most respectful.
Family respect, the highest peak is the environment.

 Really share something: (but really)

To extend the salt at the table, to extend the bread, to prepare the table or to collect … These are sharing. Real sharing. To help someone. This person is one of your family, usually your mother. It’s nice of a man to help his mother.

It is good to watch TV with your father or family in the evening. It’s a nice thing to talk about something. This is real communication and no currency can buy it.

As for the weekend, climb the forest or the mountain. Going to the lake, fishing, burning campfire. These are things that can never be done with soy media. The virtual world can’t even give you the smell. Sunsa will always know that it is virtual.

Although this is what I tell you, there are hundreds of beautiful things that you do to your family. And these activities are real and will make you happy and will continue to do so.

People lose together after losing a relative. We share the sadness together. The real sharing is to be next to each other. You can’t feel it and feel it with a message.

The sun is going down … Don’t take your picture!

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