Family Relationships Without Social Media!

What would the Family atmosphere be like without Social Media? You will be closer with your family. The more often you see each other, the closer you will be. You will be happier when you allocate 3-7 hours to social accounts for family members.

  • Do not let social media keep you away from your family.
  • Do not have a phone at the table for dinner or breakfast!
  • Put the phone in your pocket or put it on the table when talking to a family member.
    Even mute it for some moments.

This shows that you respect family members.
The most loved people are the most respectful.
Family is the environment where respect is at its highest.

Share something real, not virtual.

Extending the salt while at the table, slicing the bread, helping to prepare the meal… These are shares, yes. It is real sharing. It is helping someone. It is very nice for a person to help his mother.

It’s nice to watch TV with your family in the evening. Talking about a topic is very nice. This is real communication and cannot be bought with money.

When the weekend comes, do something together. For example, do these things, go to the forest, go hiking, go fishing, or mend something together, even climbing the mountain together, lighting a campfire are also a good idea. These are things that can never be done with social media. The virtual world cannot even give you the scent of these. Even if it offers, you will always know that it is virtual.

Although what I have told depends on the person, there are many good things you do as a family. And these events can really be done. All this makes you happy and will continue to do so. If you take the time to do it with your family.

People come together after the loss of a relative. We share the sadness together. We share the joy together. We are happy together. Real sharing is to be together. You cannot feel all these good things with one message.

The sun is setting… Don’t take a picture!
Just watch…