Friendship Without Social Media!

Without social media – Life with friends

Hello dear visitor, welcome. How does the time go without friends in social media?
In this article we will take this issue ale.
Life begins without social media …

* The purpose of this page is to show you different thoughts.

Without Social Media: Friend Environment

You always get closer with your friends.
You see each other more often and you will hear. You know friend means: you’re constantly getting news. It’s funny to call a friend you don’t hear from. There is more communication in tight friendships. You’ll be much happier when you’ve split part of your 3-7 hours into social accounts. Plenty of activity and face-to-face communication await you.

* Social accounts away from you friends!

* Do not keep the phone on the table when you meet!

* Put the phone in your pocket when talking to a friend.
Or put it on the table.
Even mute …

That means you’re respectful.
The most popular people are the most respectful.
Friendship is the second environment where respect is the highest. After the family, friends come.

Share something really with your friends: (but really)
Pay the account together, for example.
If your friend is a student, help him in his classes.
Please support him if he has problems with his lover.
Always be with her on her bad day.
These are sharing. Real sharing. To help someone. Take responsibility and visit it. Be with her in bad days. You can’t get rid of a message.
Good days are easy to be friendly. Be with him on the bad day.

Go on vacation together. Do not send holiday photos to each other.

Do not send out videos of your best moments. Live those moments together. Ask someone else to take your video. Comprehend the meaning of being together.
When you’re looking back when you’re running out, you’ll want more than just photos.

Get your memory full, not your memory card.

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